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Gay Rights Essay

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Gay Marriage = RightsCited in the American Dictionary, "Marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife." The definition also says something along the lines such as, a long-term relationship between partners of the same sex. Several people are against gay marriage while there are others who are for it. Whether two people of the same sex want to marry should not be of anyone's concern. Why should the government control how a person should live his or her life when marrying someone for happiness? Homosexual couples should equally be treated the same way monogamous couples are treated. Matrimony within the same sex ...view middle of the document...

These requirements treat homosexuals differently compared to those that have different sexual orientation. This is wrong and makes the Constitution look really hypocritical to other countries. If they so strongly believe that everyone is equal, then the restrictions homosexuals will have if they get married goes against the whole "equality" statement.Of course, homosexuals want marriage legal to be able to have a family just like traditional monogamous couples, but they can't. Currently, homosexuals are restricted from international adoption and foster care in Connecticut. If they are in the process of adopting or are considering it, marriage may provide a barrier. Connecticut has always favored adoption by a married couple, a mother and a father. People also believe that the traditional idea of having a mother and a father should still be clung to. In many cases courts removed children from custody of homosexual couples, by claiming that I was at the "best interest" for the children. Apparently, children who are raised in a LBGT household are most likely to turn out gay. Many adoption agencies refuse gay families while there are some others who allow it. Gay couples adopting would actually benefit children since they would have a family. Thousands of children are waiting to be adopted and allowing gay couples to adopt could end that overcrowding in foster care homes. Under anti-discrimination rules Connecticut should end the discrimination against homosexual couples and allow them to adopt. Regardless of the views of the adoption agencies that should not stop the agency to be available for homosexual couples.Nonetheless it is said that getting married violates the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy. This policy was the official policy on homosexuals serving in the military. The policy would not accept openly homosexuals to join the military while it prohibited military workers from discriminating against closeted homosexuals. This law was set into order by the federal government. It prohibited those who would visibly engage in homosexual acts because it would interfere with the discipline and good order, which are the essence of the military. Stated in an article in the New York Times it says, ""As of Sept. 20, service members will no longer be forced to hide who they are in order to serve our country," Mr. Obama said in a statement." This is the right path to take! The US government is all for everyone being treated equal and so homosexuals should have equal rights. If someone wants to join the army and wants to fight for our country then his or her sexual orientation should not matter. Someone's sexual orientation does not determine who he or she is. They could be America's best fighter and hero regardless of the sex they are interested in.In addition, if same sex couples marry someone from another country they cannot sponsor their spouse for permanent residence. Immigration is a federal law and since same sex marriage is a state law...

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