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Gay Movie Characters Essay

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1 Heterosexualized Gay Characters

Will Truman, a lead character on the hit TV show “Will and Grace”, is handsome, career-oriented, and a successful partner at a law firm in New York City. His homosexuality is aired out within the first episode and so is his very close relationship with his best friend, Grace Adler. They dated in college until Will came out of the closet, and within the first season Will asks Grace to move in. Keep in mind that Will is depicting a male homosexual living in NYC. In order to balance with Will’s serious and what some might think of as not-so-gay personality, Grace who works as an interior decorator, is very humorous and fun. The focus of the show is on these ...view middle of the document...

So is the show accurately portraying the life of a gay man living with his best friend? Connolly reviews different heterosexual metaphors the media places on the relationship between Will and Grace. The media refers to the best friends as a “couple”, and even points out the love between them but using the word “romance”. I agree with Connolly when she concludes that these words are not accurate if Will is gay. This according to Connolly, there is heterosexualization of the two lead characters, but the show is still a milestone in the media’s depiction of gay characters and cultures. The show’s success is also due to constant humor that evolves out of the relatable drama about relationships or careers. The second gay man- straight woman relationship is between the funniest duo ever on television, Jack and Karen. Jack is Will’s friend back from college, who is also gay. Except Jack is “flamboyantly gay and serves as a comic relief” (Connolly 289). Karen, a funny socialite, works as Grace’s assistant. Jack and Karen are always there as comic relief with their playful yet straightforward jokes. One joke in particular that both Jack and Karen always point out, is regarding the physical relationship between Will and Grace. Both characters hug at every chance and their behaviors are almost always heterosexualized. To point this

3 “romance” out to the audience, Jack and Karen joke that they should just “do it and get over it!”. Other than in the first season when Will does show feeling uncomfortable with his...

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