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Gay Marriages Children Same Sex Relationships Equal Rights

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Speaking about gay marriage, one is to keep in mind some fundamentals concerning the movement to open civil wedlock. First of all, it should be pointed out that the same sex couples got an opportunity to legalize their relations in the early 90's. It was the Hawaii Supreme Court, which was the first one to award the temporary success to people who are fighting for the same-sex couples' marriage. Ryan Normandin is of the opinion that “If people are opposed to gay marriage being legalized, everyone automatically assumes that the grounds for this can only be homophobia and hate towards those who are different from them” (par. 1). In other words, one can make a conclusion that if some persons ...view middle of the document...

Taking that account, one can also suppose that it is imperative for the members of the government to make the process of adoptioneasier for gay couples by subsidizing their marriages.

One more interesting point, which should be taken into consideration, seems to be the effect of the same-sex marriage on a child’s emotional development. Thus, a special investigation was held by Bruce J. Ellis. The results of this investigation showed that father absence leads to a higher risk of adolescent pregnancy. Moreover, one is to keep in mind that early sexual activity of a child is also considered to be one of the consequences of father absence. Of course, it is obvious that the investigation is mostly related to lesbian couples.

Another research was held by Eleanor MacCoby from Stanford. The results show that mothers, on average, may have somewhat stronger parental instincts when it comes to responding to infants' needs. Evidence shows that a mentally healthier child is the one who was brought up in a full family, with both a mother and a father figures.

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However, nobody speaks about the advantages of correct upbringing for the children. Nobody discusses those, who are infertile. As a matter of fact, infertile persons have no right to legalize their relations too. It seems that those who cannot procreate have no right to love and be happy in this country. Moreover, one should draw his/her attention to the fact that Normandin does not provide the readers with the titles of the works, which contain the results of the investigations. When thinking about stronger parental instincts, I still cannot understand why these instincts are mostly provided from a...

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