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Gay Marriages Essay

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Traditionally, marriage has been defined as a religious & legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love. Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance around the world. However, these couples have not been permitted to marry. (Scott Bidstrup, 2004).
There are several arguments against gay marriage that have been brought up by government, the media, churches, business owners and the population in general. In my opinion, many of these arguments really do not have any grounds when opposing gay married.
Many people have argued that gay marriage will weaken the definition and respect for the institution of marriage. The definition ...view middle of the document...

The main reason for denying marriage to gay couples is that all major religions consider homosexuality a sin. (Scott Bidstrup, 2004). I thought each of us has a right to freedom of religion. Even the First Amendment of the Constitution of America states that a person's religious views or lack thereof must be protected. (Scott Bidstrup, 2004). I do not see nowhere in the Ten Commandments where homosexuality is a sin. Stealing and killing is definitely a sin in the Ten Commandments and is against the law in every country in this world. But the church seems to accept these individuals during and after their detention.
People also argue that same-sex couples are not the best possible environment in which to raise children. Murderers, convicted felons and even known child molesters are all allowed to freely marry and procreate, and do so every day without a protest. (Scott Bidstrup, 2004). I thought children are said to be the future. The fact is that many gay couples raise children, adopted and occasionally their own from failed attempts at heterosexual marriages. Lots and lots of scientific studies have shown that the outcomes of the children raised in the homes of gay and lesbian couples are just as good as those of straight couples. (Scott Bidstrup, 2004).
I think these people are making up all these vague arguments against gay marriage and homosexuality on a whole because they just are not comfortable with the idea. The fact that people are not comfortable with the idea comes primarily from the fact that for many years, society has promoted the idea that a marriage between members of the same sex is...

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