Gay Marriage This Is An Essay On Why Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed In The United States. It Covers Several Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed Including Constitutional Reasons

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An issue that is of both national and international concern is the right of homosexuals to marry. The issue of gay marriage is a highly controversial and important issue in the 2004 Presidential Election. One could list a host of religious reasons why gay marriages should be banned, but none would have any relevancy because the constitution establishes a separation of state and church. Therefore, any religious reason to ban gay marriages would not be a valid reason to take such an action. Conversely, gay marriage should be declared legal for a variety of reasons. The most obvious of them all is that to take away homosexuals right to marry would be depriving them of their civil rights. Thus, an amendment to the ...view middle of the document...

I find this to exhibit several parallels with how African-Americans and women were treated as second-class citizens by not sharing the same facilities or having the right to vote. One of them being that homosexuals have no other choice but enter into the undoubtedly inferior civil unions just as African-Americans had to use inferior schools, restrooms, and had limited opportunities. I do not see how we can allow virtually the same basic injustices to continue into the new millennium. This issue is important to me because as an American citizen I have a duty to uphold and protect the Constitution as do all Americans, and so this issue should be extremely important to all Americans. Nevertheless, even greater than that duty is ones duties to their fellow human being to safe guard them from actions that would be detrimental to them in any way. In my view those actions would be considered treasonous and those who committed them to be traitors to the human race and to have lost their humanity. If we are to allow homosexuals to be deprived of their civil rights than the works of Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony would have been in vain as they looked to a bright and equal future for all people. It would be dreadful if future generations look back and think of us as intolerant and narrow-minded hypercritical oafs that claimed to live in a civilized and democratic society, but in fact were making a people suffer injustice. Consequently, we have to allow homosexuals to marry to maintain the integrity of the constitution, to maintain our humanity, and to allow the dream of all people being equal under the law to develop into reality.

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