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Gay Marriage, Absolutely Not! Essay

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In recent years gay marriage also referred to as same-sex marriage has grown into an extremely controversial nationwide debate. This topic is seemingly appearing progressively on the voting ballots and voters have rejected the proposed changes every time. Marriage properly understood is an essential prerequisite for stable, healthy families. Societies throughout history and across the world have learned this from experience, and modern sociological research, despite the barrage of propaganda to the contrary, bears it out. A law that can redefine marriage to mean something completely different from it original meaning is illogical. Marriage has never been subject to any vote. Marriage was here before any of us or any other government, and is the creation of no human government.
In the article “Gay Marriage? Absolutely”, the author Cat Saunders is an openly gay woman who is presenting her ...view middle of the document...

A law redefining marriage to mean something it has never meant is a prescriptive law, one that prescribes or creates a new reality. “It is to treat something that the state has always recognized as pre-existent, above and beyond itself, as if it were a creation of the state, to be manipulated, redefined, and at some point even abolished at the whim of the ruling power.” Milliken, J. (2012).
Another argument the author presents is the fact that same sex couples are often denied child custody because of their sexual identity. It is very undeniable that reproduction is a process that can only happen between one man and one woman. “Science may eventually change that; but sexual reproduction is sure to remain the easiest and manifestly most natural way.” Lopez, M.A. (2005). If we start allowing same sex couples to adopt and start families, the children are not going to know any different and think that having two of the same sexed parents is standard. It deprives the child’s innocent perspective of a standard family is formed. Having two of the same sexed parents is not your standard family and nor should it be.
The author never really stated any known facts or known history as to why she believes that gay marriage should be legalized. She only mentioned how the legalization would benefit her. The information presented in the article was reliable because she was speaking from experience. Although I trust the information in the article to be true, I would not say the validity of the article was strong. There were not enough valid researched details for me to be swayed. I believe the authors opinions and beliefs stem from appealing to popularity, generalizations, and the entire article was inconsistent.

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