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Gay Lingo Questionnaire Essay

317 words - 2 pages

Name (optional):____________________________________
Age: ___ 11-14 ___ 15-18 ___19-22
Gender: ___Female ___Male ___Third Sex

DIRECTION: Put a check on a line for your answer.

1. Are you one of the people who uses gay lingo?
___ Yes
___ No
___ No comment

2. Where did you learned/hear this lingo?
___ Friend
___ Third Sex
___ Online Surfing
___ Member of the family
___ No comment

3. The reason you are using this lingo?
___ It’s interesting
...view middle of the document...

Where do you usually speak gay lingo?
___ When texting
___ When talking to my friends
___ No comment

6. Is there any disadvantage when you are speaking gay lingo?
___ Yes
___ None
___ No comment

7. What is your view/opinion about gay lingo?
___ It destroy our culture
___ A very interesting language that can express their own thoughts or feelings.
___ A language that I can never fully understand
___ No comment

8. Are you in favor on using this language (gay lingo)?
___ Yes
___ No
___ No comment

9. If yes or no, why should or shouldn’t we continue to use this language?
___ I can express more about myself
___ It is not helpful to my academic aspect
___ It is informal and not appropriate to use in other occasion
___ No comment

10. Situation

| Always | Sometimes | Never | No comment |
Do you hear Gay lingo in your community? | | | | |
Do you speak gay lingo when you are communicating with your friends? | | | | |
Do you use gay lingo when talking to your family? | | | | |
Do you use gay lingo when texting and talking through social networking sites? | | | | |
Do you use gay lingo when you are interacting in the class? | | | | |

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