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Gay Adoption Can Not Be Banned

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Gay Adoption Can’t Be Banned
Homosexuality is becoming more accepted and integrated into today’s society. However, when it comes to homosexuals establishing families, a problem is posed. There are many arguments to this controversial topic; some people believe that it should be legal nationally, while others would prefer that it must be banned everywhere. Although opponents of gay adoption present several reasons to support their view, I believe that gay adoption should be legal because many gay marriages are as stable as heterosexual marriages. What is most important is giving adopted children a secure emotional home whether gay or straight, it is better than the foster-care system. Barring gay men and lesbians from becoming parents is discrimination, based on sexual orientation.

Initially, gay adoption should be permitted because many gay marriages are more stable than most heterosexual marriages. Gay and lesbian couples are also more ...view middle of the document...

A second point is that people need to take into consideration that giving adopted children a secure emotional home whether gay or straight is better than the foster-care system. Every year, over 250,000 children are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect and placed in foster care (Bass). Foster-care is a temporary place for those children that don’t have permanent families in which to grow and thrive. Child welfare professionals agree that adoption serves as an important social, emotional and psychological function. By giving adopted children an opportunity to enter into stable and permanent parent-child relationships. There are thousands of children needing homes. If homosexuals are allowed to adopt children, then more kids are receiving homes with parents, and they can have the opportunity to have a real family. The best life for a child is to grow up in a loving family, and gay couples have the capacity to offer protection and education to their adopted child.

Lastly, barring gay men and lesbians from becoming parents is discrimination, based on sexual orientation. In this society people say that everyone is equal, but I wonder, are we equal? Each individual, regardless of gender or race has the right to adopt a child because sexual orientation is not a factor that should determine whether someone will be a suitable or reliable parent. Contrary to popular belief a child raised by gay parents is not likely to also become a homosexual. Researchers say there is "no justification for denying lesbian and gay adults from adopting children,"(Clark). Gay couples should be able to open their hearts and homes to adopted children with the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.
To conclude, there are several evidences that show that gay couples should adopt children based on stability of marriage, being able to provide a secure home for children, and discrimination, base on sexual orientation. A family should be based on love and trust, if these two elements are present in a relationship, homosexual or heterosexual, there should be no reason why they cannot adopt a child. Thousands of children are in need of having love and a stable home to grow up in.

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