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Gaudi And His Inspirations Essay

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Gaudi was born at the peak of Spanish disruption, the 19th century. Many wars broke out just before and after his 74 year lifetime, as well as the three Carlist wars that took place whilst he was alive.He arrived in Barcelona at seventeen and stayed there for the majority of his life thereafter, it was 1889 and the Catalan Modernist style was just beginning to become widespread during his first few years in the city. Catalan Modernism had very distinctive characteristics of multi-coloured mosaics, tiles decorated with motifs and relief patterns (usually designed by the architect), stunning stained glass, elegant lamps and candle holders made of delicate metal and glass, and large masculine ...view middle of the document...

This particular Spanish style was derived from the French Gothic style, with wide naves and two side aisles, elaborate geometrical designs and stylizations are used for the decoration of these buildings. The Santa Eulalia and the holy cross is certainly impressive, it stands 79 meters long, 25 meters wide and 26 meters high, but when compared to the Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudi's most famous works, it looks like a bungalow next to an office block.The Temple de la Sagrada Familia was hard not to miss as I turned the corner from the Metro station, my jaw dropped in awe of such a huge structure. Its sheer size is certainly one of its shock elements, the jelly tot like shapes on the top of each of the four visible towers seemed capable of gazing at the whole city. Gaudi began work on this amazing church on November 3rd 1883 and dedicated the rest of his life to this on going project, towards the end of his life he worked solely on the Sagrada Familia even living on the site. He calculated it would take two hundred years to complete, and is still in the process of being built today with a fleet of men erecting brick by brick the most fantastic piece of architecture I have ever seen.In 1936 civil war engulfed Spain once again and an anti-clerical mob broke into the church and destroyed the paper and the scale models. Architect Lluis Bonet reconstructed the models used as a guide for today's Sagrada Familia yet this decision to keep constructing Gaudi's dream is under heavy criticism from the public and other architects. Sculptures have been added to the cathedral of images of Christ's crucifixion, and the soldiers who patrolled Christ at this time. Antoni de Moragas, a Barcelona architect said that he "would leave it exactly as Gaudi left a testimony of something that could have been, but was not," And an English tourist was amazed at the amount of money being poured into the project and said "This place has no value in a practical sense, but it is fantastic". The project is costing millions each year and being funded by donations and public entrance fees, I personally think that it is well worth it, even just as an architectural challenge.I didn't appreciate it at the time every section of the building is symbolically thought out for example the four front towers are dedicated to the four apostles Barnabas, Simon, Jude and Matthew. In the Nativity Façade three doorways are present, to represent Faith, Hope and Charity, each of the gateways are lavishly decorated by elegant sculptures and brightly coloured stained glass in geometric patterns. These patterns echoed the ones used in the sculptural decoration of the building, bright mosaics add vivid colour and emphasize the thought that has gone into the design.No photograph I have seen has done the Sagrada Familia justice, the atmosphere it creates is pleasantly stomach churning, I felt as if I was dreaming. The texture created on all the walls is fantastic, the whole structure is very...

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