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Gathering Techniques Essay

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Kudler Foods acknowledges the importance their loyal customers bring to the overall success and longevity of their business. Kudler Foods would like to provide high value incentives to those loyal customers by integrating loyalty points and a Frequent Shopper Program for a more personal shopping experience. These incentives include things like first class tickets, rare and special foods from across the globe, and other high end gifts like jewelry and vacation packages (Dennis, 2013).
With that in mind Kudler Foods systems analyst has identified three methods for gathering the correct requirements necessary to create a system for the Frequent Shopper Program. Research will be extensive and could be timely, however Kudler Foods plans to get a wide variety of input from the users, stakeholders, and management to guarantee success.
On top of interviews and observations of users on the floor, Kudler ...view middle of the document...

Building a prototype system has the advantage of being able to be applied much like the actual system already in place. This presents a great opportunity to the team to find areas for improvement while eliminating areas they are no longer required.
Once the prototype is established testing can begin and a truer description of the information gathered can take place. This is where the suggestions and input are turned into a physical system so users and system analysis can see if the suggestions are feasible or not in a new system. The whole goal around using prototyping is not to actually create the final project that will be rolled out, but to gather specific information for further development (Dennis, 2013).
Another modern method for gathering requirements is called JAD or Joint Application Development. This method is a true collaborative effort. Important members of the company like systems analyst, system users, managers, and network designers come together.
By making this a collaborative effort important information can be gathered simultaneously from each member. The overall goal for the JAD process is to create an effective process designed around intense meetings of the key participants. These meetings help to at least identify why a conflict may arise.
Key Participants:
* JAD session Leader
* Users
* Managers
* Sponsor
* Systems Analysts
* Scribe
* IS Staff

Our final method for determining system requirements for the Frequent Shopper Program is a breakdown of more traditional measures. These measures include interviewing, listening, and direct observation, researching and analyzing past/current procedures. Researching and collecting information is the very core behind creating a successful system for the Frequent Shopper Program.

Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Roth, R. M. (2012). Systems analysis & design (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

* Might talk about Business Process Reengineering.
* Might talk about defining participants roles.

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