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Gastronomy As A Tourism Project Essay

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Gastronomy can be defined as the art or science of eating food. It can also mean the studies of food as well as culture. Gastronomic tourism is used to refer to individuals travelling to a specific destination with the local food and drinks being the motivation. It is also known as ‘food tasting’, ‘culinary tourism’ and simply as ‘food tourism’. Tourists who fall under this form of tourism travel with the aim of having unique and memorable drinking and eating experiences.

Gastronomic tourism is largely domestic where individuals travel to a certain region of the country to experience different foods and drinks. Many tourists travelling abroad rarely cite food as the major reason for ...view middle of the document...

As such, promotion of food tourism in the rural areas benefits the farmers, small business owners and assists in the diversification of these economies as it increases the demand for the local products.

The concept of gastronomy as a tourism product entails the marketing of food. It is also based on the interaction of the consumer and the provider of food. Products of gastronomy tourism are then made available to consumers through various distribution channels such as supermarkets and restaurants. Four stages are involved in the creation of a tourism gastronomy product. The first focuses on the sites where tourists can enjoy food. These places include restaurants, food campaigns as well food festivals. The second step aims at enhancing the tourists’ better understanding of food. This can include having unique labels for the foods. The third activity entails food experimentation through cooking schools. The fourth activity entails exchange of information on nutrition through various projects.

As a product, gastronomy is reliable because food is always available. One can get their favorite dish regardless of the weather or other factors. As such, it can be used to revive a struggling tourist destination that has stalled due to the decline in its life cycle as a tourist site.
Gastronomy can also be viewed as a tourist product by being promoted as a luxurious product. Many countries such as France that have long histories of cuisine have seen the potential of gastronomy. As such, its products are usually expensive and are thus highly attractive to the rich. They also have popularized high-end restaurants. Individuals eating and drinking French cuisine in these restaurants wish to consume quality-sophisticated goods and in return acquire an attractive image. As such, tourism is more secure in these areas against financial turmoil because the luxury goods market is not heavily affected during such periods(Croce & Perri, 2010, p.56).

To promote gastronomy as a product, it is important to create connections and cooperation so that food can link other economic activities such as food festivals. It is vital to integrate all related activities in order to promote a tourist’s culinary experience. This is because food is a single factor in the economy but the market, stores as well as restaurants are also important to the tourist.

Understanding gastronomic aspects of a given area can be enhanced by the inclusion of a country’s or a region’s gastronomic features in its promotional materials. They can be included in travel brochures where beautiful pictures of tourists eating, restaurants as well as markets are posted.Regions can also campaign for popular products that are specifically connected to them. An example is how some parts of Britain promote the apple season. The apples as well as the ciders are made available in restaurants and markets.

Another way of enhancing a region’s culinary is by establishing trademarks that have regional...

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