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Gastronomy Essay

1506 words - 7 pages

List of the recommended dissertation topics

1. Tourism as a development strategy in micro regions, demonstrating it by a few specific examples.
2. The role of strategic and operative tourism programs and their contribution to the development of tourism in the regions.
3. The role of Tourism Marketing Boards in the development of regional offers – thematic tours, etc.
4. Changes in the scale of values among the inhabitants of those settlements where they make their living from tourism. (Survey of literature and research hypotheses.)
5. The impact of events on the development of tourism in a selected micro-region or region through comparative ...view middle of the document...

13. Survey of the competitiveness of organising sports events in Hungary, in light of the given infrastructure and governmental guarantees.
14. The mental role of wellness in coaching for healthy nutrition and recreation, in light of the negative public health data of the Hungarian population.
15. Drifts of European tourism and their changes in the past 10-15 years considering the impact of geopolitical axes on the corridors of tourism.
16. Trends of the development of Hungarian transport network (public roads, railways, light railway), their impact on the development of regions less frequented by tourism, giving an international overview.
17. Comparative analysis of the requirements of domestic higher educational tourism training (institutional), its links to secondary and post-secondary education.
18. Lessons of European regional processes for Hungary, also in the field of tourism.
19. The role of second homes in domestic tourism, with special regard to regions less frequented by commercial tourism, presenting an overview of literature, survey and individual research.
20. The role of Hungarian National Parks in receiving tourists, demonstrated by a specific example.
21. The role of Hungarian historic landmarks in domestic and international tourism by indicating the actual site of the example.
22. Designing the image of Hungarian gastronomical tourism. The task is to define the individual and marketable message of Hungarian gastronomy and other tourism products that can easily be linked to gastronomical tourism. In addition, the chances of introducing these products together to the market are to be examined.
23. Analysis of marketing communication of the sub-sectors of tourism. Analysis of tourism service providers and the effectiveness of the marketing of receiving areas. Benchmarking and marketing audit of tourism service providers.
24. The significance and assessment of mega events like the Budapest Spring Festival and Formula-1 in the tourism of Budapest and its adjacent vicinity.
25. The development of tourism offers of the Carpathian basin, cooperation among the countries and regions concerned.
26. Comparative survey of using national parks for the purposes of tourism.
27. The appearance of cultural programs of small towns in the tourism offers of Hungary.
28. Traditions, festive occasions of nationalities in Hungary as tourist attractions.
29. The development of clusters of tourism in Hungary, their role in increasing tourism in a given region.
30. The influence of the „Hungarian Cultural Season” event series’ on the country’s image.
31. The development possibilities in the Hungarian region’s tourism development.
32. The role of consumer value-management in the formation of the competitive tourism of targeted areas within Hungary.
33. The Hungarian „wellness” tourism’s development...

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