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Gastric Bypass Surgery Vs. Weight Watchers

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A person desiring to lose weight has several options to choose from, including gastric bypass surgery or following a weight loss program such as Weight Watchers. Although they can both be effective in the overall desired result, they differ considerably. When one decides to work towards managing their weight, it can be overwhelming finding the right path. When choosing between surgery and Weight Watchers, a person should partner with their physician to determine which weight loss method is best for them.
As with any surgical procedure, gastric bypass surgery has risks. Most patients who undergo this surgery are overweight or obese, with a body mass index (BMI) over 25, which increases the ...view middle of the document...

d., p. 1). When compared to following a program such as Weight Watchers, gastric bypass surgery involves a higher risk of complications.
Diet is something you will also need to think about when deciding on which weight loss method will be best for you. If you have gastric bypass surgery, there are strict diet guidelines you will need to adhere to in order to have success. For the first few weeks, you will be on a liquid or pureed food diet. When you are ready, you will slowly add in soft solid foods but, just a few bites so not to stretch your stomach. Due to reduced food intake and inability to absorb and digest certain nutrients. As a result, you will be required to take some several supplements for the rest of your life. Those supplements include but, are not limited to a Multivitamin with Iron, B12, Calcium (1,200 mg per day / 2 to 3 doses per day) and Vitamin D ("Your diet after gastric bypass surgery: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia," n.d., p.1). In addition, you will be required to eat six small meals per day and avoid drinking while eating, to avoid a false feeling of being full. The restrictions, when following Weight Watchers, are almost non-existent. Weight Watchers encourages you to learn new, healthier ways to prepare your favorite foods. There are no set diet restrictions on this program. However, you will want to use your best judgment; for example, do not eat 15 servings of fruit per day because it is healthy. Moderation is crucial. Fruit contains a lot of sugar; if one consumes more than the recommended servings, it could have the opposite result. As long as you follow the plan and the recommended healthy guidelines, you should be successful. When considering weight loss surgery over Weight Watchers, you will need to consider the strict diet restrictions following the procedure.
Overall cost is also a factor when choosing which method is best for you; both surgery and Weight Watchers can be costly. Factors included in the cost of gastric bypass surgery include the specific surgery process, the fee of the surgeon and the hospital you chose to have your procedure. A recent survey shows that the overall cost for the surgery itself can vary by location; anywhere from $15,000 - $35,000, with the average being approximately $22,000 ("What's The Average Price of Gastric Bypass Surgery? Our 2014 Survey | Obesity Coverage,” n.d., p. 1). In addition to surgery costs, you need to take into consideration the post-operative care cost of a nutritionist, follow-up visits and any complications that may occur. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may not cover the surgery so you would have to find other means to pay for your procedure. Weight Watchers...

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