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Garbage In, Garbage Out Essay

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WASTES (Based on source)
1. Domestic waste (produced by homes)
2. Industrial waste (produced by factories/ industries)
3. Agricultural waste (produced by farms)
4. Biomedical waste (produced by hospitals, pathology labs etc)

LANDFILL are natural slopes or man made troughs that are filled with garbage and covered with soil.
A landfill is usually converted into a park or a play ground.

COMPOSTING is the process of converting plant and animal waste into manure by decomposing.
VERMICOMPOSTING is the process of converting plant and animal waste into manure by decomposing with the help of redworms.
Method of vermicomposting:
1) Dig a pit about 30cm deep or take a wooden box.
2) Spread a net or 2cm sand at the bottom of the pit or box.
3) Spread some vegetable wastes like peels or green leaves, dried animal dung, newspaper pieces etc.
4) Powdered egg shells and sea shells can be mixed with ...view middle of the document...

• Red worms are a type of earth worms used for composting
• They survive at moderate temperature with moisture around them.
• They eat food like vegetable peels or green leaves etc but they do not have teeth.
• They have a structure called gizzard which helps them in grinding their food
• They eat food equal to their own weight in a day.
• They double their number in a month’s time.

INCINERATION: means to burn waste in huge incinerators or ovens at a high temperature. Ex: biomedical waste is mostly incinerated.

a) Burning of the waste reduces its volume.
b) The ashes can be disposed off easily.
c) High temperature causes less air pollution.

Minimize use of plastics and deal with garbage in the following ways:
✓ Reuse the plastic carry bags.
✓ Carry a cloth or jute bag.
✓ Use paper bags to reduce plastic bags.
✓ Do not throw plastic bags here and there after use.
✓ Never burn plastic items.
✓ Do not use plastic bags to dispose garbage to safai karamcharis.
✓ Use composting /vermicomposting to deal with kitchen waste.
✓ Recycle paper, plastics and metals by selling it any recycle unit.
✓ Use both sides of paper judiciously to write.
✓ Take Print out of the portal notes or assignments on both sides of the paper.


1. What is the difference between biodegradable and non bio degradable substances?
2. Define (a) incineration (b) landfill
3. Why use of manure is better than chemical fertilizers by a farmer?
4. How vermicomposting differs from composting?
5. Write a note on farmer’s friend-red worms.
6. How can you minimize use of plastics and deal with garbage?
7. Why wastes with salt, pickle and oil should not be put as food for red worms?


Cannot be broken down to non poisonous substances easily
Ex: iron nails, plastics, aluminium cans, polythene bags etc

Can be broken down to harmless or non poisonous substances by the action of micro organisms
Ex: vegetable matter, newspaper




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