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Gap Of Sky Essay

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Analytical essay – Indian camp

Growing up is a part of life we all have to go through, in this particular part of life we learn a whole lot about us self. It is in that part of life we grow up and choose who we want to be and get our identity, and which path you want to follow. There are so many opportunities in this world and the act of choosing the right way makes you a more individual human being.

This is one of the key themes in the short story The Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway. In the story we follow the main protagonist Nick on his way to an Indian camp with his father where they are going to help an Indian woman in the birth of her child. These events force Nick into his journey ...view middle of the document...

Nick is the center of this story, Nick finds a lot of comfort in his father, and he certainly trusts him.

Father: Is a caring father, who loves his son, though he seems firm when it comes to his work life, he is a doctor. We get the feeling that it was the father who wanted Nick to come along with him. We see it that way because the father constantly explains what is happening, and also he tells Nick to look away if the whole ordeal becomes too much to.

Uncle George: It seems to us, the reader that Uncle George already has a relationship with the other Indians, since he gives them some cigarettes, and tells some jokes they. Also we get the feel, that he might be the father of the baby.

The young Indian: The young Indian seems to be at good friend to George, since they are chatting and joking while the birth is going on.

The father of the newborn baby: He kills himself at the end of the story. Why he does that might seem unclear at first, but we do have some suspicion. If we work with the theory that Uncle George is the father of the...

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