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Gangsterism Among Teenagers Essay

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Time has changed so do the social issues. Problems arising among the youth are at the alarming state. Main problem like gangsterism is affecting the country’s development. It is an ever growing problem in the world especially among teenagers. The most powerful early risk factors for violence at age 15 to 18 are involvement in general offenses and substance use before age 12 (Office of the Surgeon Generaland and etc, 2001).The situation become more serious when the number of female students and primary school pupils take part in gangsterism is increase. What is gangsterism? According to Collins English Dictionary in 2009, gangsterism is the culture of belonging ...view middle of the document...

It is all about friendship and romantic relationship.
In addition, family characteristic such as family income family structure and family involvement can lead to gangsterism among teenagers. In family income, poverty can have an impact on family relationships due to an increased level of stress, and the negative impact on parenting can have a psychological effect on children and on the likelihood of future offending (Fitch, 2009).In fact, most of the gang youth are found in two-parent, single-parent and recombine families (Esbensen and Tusinski, 2007). Gang youths are found in these kinds of family structure. Not only that, some of the young people is influence by the parents as their family are involving in gangsterism. This will alienate them from a safe and healthy family. Many poor families live in violent neighbourhoods and exposure to violence can affect both parents and children (Office of the Surgeon Generaland and etc, 2001).
On other hand, teenagers who lack of attachment to parents or carers are most preferred to take part in gangsterism. (Fitch, 2009) Some of the parents are busy with their works and do not have time to accompany their children. They just leave their children with baby sisters or housemaids. The children will fail to form a secure attachment to an adult carer. This will affect their social and emotional development. Young people who feel lack support and approval from their families will try to gain a sense of structure, commitment, recognition and belonging from other people like their peers by take part in gangsterism. They are lack of affection.
Furthermore, low achievement in school can contribute to gangsterism among teenagers. Due to Wyrick and Howell (2004), one of the strongest school factors for gangsters is low achievement in school, especially at the elementary. This related to the poor academic aspiration, negative labelling of youth from teacher and a low degree of commitment to school as shown by as well as weak attachment to teacher. Teenagers who have poor attendance or exclusion from school are usually has low achievement at school. They are at high risk of becoming involved with crime and anti-social behaviour and have been cited as the risk factor in the development of offending behaviour for them (Fitch, 2009). They become gang members. The teenagers committed antisocial act such as randomly intimidating or assaulting patrons in shopping centre and grocery stores,using and selling drugs at school and assaulting their teacher during class (Delisi, Berg and Hochstetler, 2004). Teenagers who have low achievement in school are...

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