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Gang Brand Essay

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This idea has been shaped for retailers with large or multistoried retail outlets. This app would give users detailed information about products available in every part of the store through the digital floor plan or digital layout of the store. Along with this the app includes certain features that make life easy for the shopper.
User Scenario:
Jenifer wakes up one morning and realizes she is due grocery shopping for the week, she quickly opens the Walmart app in her phone and thinks of all the things she needs to buy – she is a first time customer at Walmart and so the app does not have her shopping history to give her suggestions.
So she taps open the “Create Shopping List” option, here she can browse menus by brand, by product or both, she also has a direct search option. These menus will lead her to the pictures of the products, when she likes something she simply adds it to her shopping list - pictures can be particularly useful when a user is looking for ...view middle of the document...

Jenifer continues to do this with all the products she wants and all the products in her shopping list are on now her bill, now she suddenly realizes that she has to buy products to make her daughters Halloween costume, but she is already late for her Dentists appointment.
So she quickly opens the store’s layout and clicks on the children’s clothes section, a menu pops up and as before she can browse by brand ( Reebok Kids, Jinny & Jonny etc…) and by category( Shirts, T Shirts, Trousers, Shoes etc…), she knows that all these products are available in that part of the store, so she quickly browses to see if there is anything she is interested in and then selects a couple of things she likes goes to that part of the store, check for size and quality and then scans the products and adds it to her bill, if at all she likes the product.
So the app saves Jenifer time, effort and also money by helping her track her budget. The app completely redefines her user experience. She gets all the advantages of online shopping in the real world – She skips all the searching, sorting and budget calculating, the app takes care of everything.
Jenifer does not have to rome around the entire store to see what the store has to offer, she can check everything out on her phone – Pic by Pic (much more intuitive and effective than a normal list, and something she is used to doing online)

Benefits to the Retailer,
The retailer collects tons of data on user behavior – the type of products a user is interested in (based on shopping list and billing list).
The path a user takes to rome around the store ( data on user paths can be used to rearrange the products in the store or the store layout itself), the path taken by the user also give information about user interests based on the deviations the user makes to the path calculated by the app ( based on the shopping list)
Potential Applications,
The user can create a list of products right from home, make the payment from the app, intimate the store at what time he/she will be coming for pickup. The store keeps the products ready and the user has to do is go to the store and pick up the order – This is already being experimented with in some of the stores (not walmart), but this app will build the perfect infrastructure for something like this to work.

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