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Gaming Operations Essay

2303 words - 10 pages

William Angliss Institute

Final Report

Integrated Resorts

The Report for Gaming Operations Subject

By Quynh Nhu Dang
28 August 2013

Teacher: Simon Hamm

Table of Contents
1.An overview of what is Integrated resort
a) Sun city – South Africa
2. An overview of the Singapore Government’s approach to Integrated Resorts
b) Singapore
+ Marina Land Bay
+ Sentosa
3.Objectives and aims, what will happen in the future ?
. Discussion and Conclusion
Recommendations and Implementation
. References

Integrated resorts

I. Introduction

The purpose of this report was to analyse the definition of the topic Integrated resort, also to explain ...view middle of the document...

II. Body
1. An overview of what is an Integrated Resort
Integrated resort is defined as all sorts of entertainment under one roof that will be able to cater all the needs for entertainment of people from all age groups, spending power etc. With tourism hospitality economies is expecting to gain revenues and forecast to be grown dramatically, Tourism offerings are increased and implemented by government, they are trying to be creativity to have an opportunity to attract more customers. With the successful in operation of many integrated resort, their amenities and facilities have developed through the region and integrated resort is seen as a model for one nation economic calculator.

Plan of Integrated resort

With the close cooperation and multi-billion dollar investment as a requirement, this emerged trend need to be developed and have their own plan. The more emerging happen, the more it against the effect of the global economic retardation have highlighted the growing authority of integrated resort and their ability as hospitality markets of the future.
The integrated resort concept has become quite popular in Macau, Malaysia and Singapore in the past decade, especially there are many countries has taken steps to promote and build integrated resorts.

a) Sun city – South Africa.

* Geography location:

Sun City is located to the North West of South Africa, turn into a luxury casino and resort. It is situated between the Pilanesberg,
and the Elands River.
* Business entity & Operational aspects

Integrated resort Sun city was constructed and modernized by the business leader Sol Kerzner who is an accountant and business leader, his family have a hotel chain, he creates the most successful group in South Africa: Sun International group. Officially it opened on 7 December, 1973. At that time, under the Law in South African, casino and topless shows were forbidden. These problems soon disappeared and Sun city after that has become a famous place especially for vacation destination for all generations. Many famous performers have come to this location for relaxation.

Now Sun city has been known as Africa luxury resort, with various type of entertainment, chances, relaxation places and challenges activities with many attractions for tourists to have all day long buy. The resort complex catches many international visitors with famous sports such as gambling, world- class hotels and golf. Fundamentally, this destination is a place for people who wants to enjoy and also relax.

The Sun city includes:
* Cascades Hotel.
* Sun City Hotel.
* The Palace of the Lost City.
* The Cabanas.
Notable facilities at Sun City:
* Night club
* Animal Farm
* Water world
* Cultural village
2. An overview of the Singapore Government’s approach to Integrated Resorts
Singapore has two integrated resorts, namely Resorts World Sentosa which is part of Genting...

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