Gametime The Place To Be After Work

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Everybody, regardless of age, has a busy schedule or a busy work week and after it’s all over you just want to relax and blow off steam. Where is a better place to do that than GameTime? GameTime is an entertainment/restaurant establishment that offers fun for all at a fairly low price. You may think that we are just another Dave and Busters or Chuck e Cheese but that is definitely not the case. Unlike either of those establishments, GameTime is a bigger establishment with two floors of fun fitting the likes of all age groups. What other entertainment center do you know that has two basketball courts, a mini bowling alley and a real paintball field inside? The fact that we ...view middle of the document...

A staff member will provide you with another card with the remaining credit right on the spot. Our arcade games are made from the newest software and our facilities, paintball equipment and tables are all new and of the best brand names. Our restaurant provides a wide variety of entrees and desserts ranging from different seafood to various types of chicken and pasta to all kinds of steaks and vegetables. Our desserts here include various flavors of ice cream, many kinds of cake including cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate cake and various types of pie. We also have meals for little children including chicken fingers/nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and French fries.
The reason we take down your name and address upon your first experience here at GameTime is because there are opportunities to get coupons and special discounts if you become a frequent visitor. The fact that a car is not needed at all to reach our location is huge for us. Our location thrives on the fact that there are many bus stops located around us and a train station within walking distance on a nice day. Kids that are capable of traveling by themselves but not yet old enough to drive will have no problems reaching our location. We also hope that our establishment will be a popular spot for birthday parties, other parties and basketball events/practices. Our attractions and facilities are built for such events and the prices are more than reasonable.
With benefits, opportunities and attractions like this, why would anybody not want to come to GameTime? With more space than Chuck e Cheese and Dave and Busters, updated software and games along with paintball, bowling, two basketball courts and a play area along with a restaurant/bar GameTime is basically a no-brainer. Everyday life for adults can be very stressful, having to deal with work and their kids at the same time. Our play area will allow parents to relax upstairs and let their kids run around and enjoy the hospitality of our wonderful staff. Our basic mission is to provide a place of fun and entertainment that all people can come and take their minds off the daily grinds of life and our staff will make sure the consumer feels as comfortable and stress free as possible.
Our big grand opening day is in the near future and we are going to make a big splash. As our special GameTime opening offer, the first 50 consumers will get a free $10 game card and a firsthand look at what this establishment has to offer. Our website, www.gametime.ny, is already up and you can actually buy our package deals or plan parties from there. Buying online will take out the hassle of waiting on line and if you plan a party this way, there is a ten percent discount. So click online today to reserve your grand opening spot and soon experience the time of your life.
Where you decide to build your establishment and sell your product is absolutely imperative in the marketing world. If located in the wrong place, it could...

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