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Game Addiction Essay

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An addict is one that abandons oneself to something compulsively or obsessively. We've all heard of the drug addict as the one who flushes their life down the toilet but there are more things than just drugs in this world that you can get addicted to. “Evercrack” is a slang term for the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Everquest. Evercrack refers to the addictive nature of the game by comparing it to an addiction to crack. The emotional, physical and mental lives of many have been affected by an addiction to video games. Addiction to MMORPG's is not a well known problem but one that seriously affects the individuals that get hooked. Humans have literally ...view middle of the document...

It is also very degenerative to the muscles to sit in one spot and do very little physical activity. Also snacking seems to be a favorite pastime for the avid gamer which becomes solid fat if it is not properly worked off. One man in the Hemet area who was extremely addicted to WoW, an MMORPG, gave up most of his life to the game and was living with his mother. One day she decided that he needed to be broken from his addiction. She shut off the Internet and sold the computer so that he couldn't get on his game. Just as with a drug addict without his fix, he began to have severe mood swings ranging from severe depression to uncontrollable rage, he actually threatened to kill. His mother began the process by enrolling him in college. It was a hard push to get him to go but it needed to be done. After the first year he began to attend regularly on his own and got a job that summer. In three years time, he has lost approximately 120 pounds in fat and has gained some of it back in good, healthy muscle. In addition to his health recovery, he got a steady job and a beautiful wife with a little one on the way. Though this success story gives a sense of hope, the addiction is not a healthy or happy one.
The place where games really grab though is in the mind. Games give a sense of accomplishment that may be lacking in some of these addicts lives. Most games start with a massive rush of achievements and bonuses to trick the brain into thinking its actually accomplishing something. Then they pull back some on how often the gamer wins...

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