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Game Essay

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The object I chose to describe is pompom. Pompom is an item used in cheerleading or cheerdancing. Pompoms are the decorative balls of handheld streamers thet cheerleaders often use as visual props. It gives visual effects in dances and even in other part of the routine. It is made up of cellophane or sometimes just a plain colored paper. It was first used back in 1930`s and at that time pompoms ...view middle of the document...

And in 1965 Fred Gastoff invented the first vinyl made pompom. Pom poms are also known as pompoms, poms, pom pons, pompons. All the spelling ending in “n” is the original names and all the spelling ending in “m” are the modernized names.

I chose pompoms because it plays a great role in my passion which is cheerleading. In this time we don’t usually use pompoms but when I started as a cheerleader way back in high school, pompoms is the only symbol or mark that makes them recognize me as a cheerleader. Of course I don’t bring the pompoms all the time but whenever they see me holding one I am proud to say that I am a cheerleader. As time passed by I continue gaining knowledge and skills as a cheerleader. I became known in most of the college squads. We even won the National Cheerleading Competition and became top 1 in the country when I was in 3rd year high school. And now I have this scholarship here in Letran College because of everything skills I gained in high school cheerleading. It is funny to say that where I am now started when I first held a pompom.

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