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Future Trends In Retirement Essay

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Future Trends in Retirement
Tamika Mays
SOC304: Social Gerontology
Instructor Stephen Ulrich
June 12, 2012

Future Trends in Retirement
Retirement is considered to be a time of enjoyment. It is the time to enjoy your significant other as well as participate in activities that you love to do. However, as the economy and economy has drastically changed over the past several years, so too has the workforce. This essay will reflect on the future trends in retirement. It will also discuss how the percentage of the American workforce has changed and how gender, age, and racial or ethnic groups impact the employment rate.
Due to the drastic economy changes as well as the recession many baby ...view middle of the document...

This has caused many to go pass the traditional retirement age.
The American workforce has changed drastically just like the economy. The United States population is becoming larger and more diverse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (1996), over the next fifty years, the population of the United States is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent, from about 275 million in the year 2000 to an estimated 394 million people in 2050. U.S. population growth is influenced by immigration and emigration rates, as well as by birth and death rates. Immigration will play the largest role in the growth of the United States through mid-century. In addition, the faces of workers are changing. Trends show that whites will be a declining share of the future total population while the Hispanic share will grow faster than that of non-Hispanic blacks. Therefore, the workforce will be a rainbow of ethnic and racial groups. Also, more women are working more, men are working less. Women’s employment rates are rising and men’s rates are declining, women are expected to continue to leave the labor market periodically to assume the lead role in child rearing. Since 1950, the proportion of men in the labor force has declined from 86 percent to...

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