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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper

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Advertising Message

The iPhone referred to be one of the Apple’s line of products, happens to be a very advance and can be very helpful for each individual. The message is, life is busy, read your favorite newspaper, watch your favorite TV program and listen the music that you like. Addressing various questions, knowledge can be expanded by message, creates awareness and entices the consumer. The good way to impress consumer is to make them excited by utilizing the product.

To Who Is It Directed

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  Why?  The economy in general of course, as with Starbucks, what was once important is now irrelevant.

Product Positioned

As we all know its main competitor results towards the Blackberry.  While the Blackberry was the leader for many years, the Iphone is encroaching.  How?  Through pricing of course.  "Yesterday's announced price drop for the current 8GB iPhone 3G could be seen as Apple addressing the issue of being perceived as too pricy. Granted, that might be true for some of the Apple products. But the new iPhone price suggests something far different. Apple is undertaking the first true price war in its history, shifting into defensive pricing out of concern for market share and perceived upcoming strong competition from Palm in the handset market."  (Sherman 2009)

The data shows the product is positioned for success.  The endless research and advertising dollars that Apple has brings the awareness of the product to a worldwide audience.  At this time, no technology product is more widely marketed than the Iphone and Apple itself to the daily consumer.  
Advertising Media have you seen this Product

This product is marketed via television, billboards, radio, print and internet advertising.  The company has left no stone unturned in its efforts to raise awareness.  The ads represent of how far technology has evolved and where it can take society in the years to come.
The television ads are clear and concise and create a buzz and a "must have" feeling.  The print ads and the billboards show excitement in the product.  The radio ads create a feeling of need and the internet advertising allows the consumer to "dig deeper" into the spectrum of the product's capabilities. Apple has secured its market.  Its recent price reduction advises that the company is aware of the struggles of its market base and has adjusted its price to keep market share high.  
What changes would you make in the product positioning and the advertising message?
The product is so high tech and its visual capabilities so clear, that I feel the product should also be marketed to the medical community.  Show the importance of a Podcast medical procedure.  Show the importance of sending a cancer specialist in New York instant medical test results of a patient in Japan, allowing the doctor to help save the patient's life thousands of miles away through the technology of the Iphone.

A father station in Iraq could watch the live stream of his child being born through the hospital's Iphone connection services.  What better way to say Happy Father's Day?  There is none. The advertising has the chance to show the world that while society can sing, dance and connect to the internet with the product, the product can bring happiness to those in who are far away. The product can be marketed as "The Iphone, not just for fun."  
Research How this Advertising was Created (i.e. In house, outsourced, agency, etc)?
Acorrding to research,...

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