Future Trends In Advertising Essay

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Future Trends in Advertising Paper
When it comes to advertising there are key factors that play a role in how the process can be affected. Within this paper there will be three key factors that will affect advertising in the years to come. The three key factors are: innovation, internet, and regulatory. Each of these key factors are continually changing and growing on a daily basis. Looking into how these factors play a role in advertising will give a better understanding of the changes are affecting or can affect advertising.
Innovation will always be a factor to look at because of the fact the innovation is constantly growing and making products better (Sissors, 2012). Who could ...view middle of the document...

Electronics are the number one products out there to be considered innovated by the consumer. Consumers like knowing they are getting the newest and latest version of something for the prices they pay. A lot of times a customer can get a better deal or better discount over the internet. The internet is a lot larger than it was when it first came out and continues to grow on a daily basis.
Internet is playing a large role in everything that people do. Especially, social networking sites or even sited like Pinterest. All of these sites allow people to state their opinions on a daily basis. This is key to the continued progress of a product. If someone gets on Facebook and sees multiple friends were unhappy with a product or a store, which is to say that they would ever return to that store again because they heard of the horrible service or products sold (Sissors, 2012). There is great opportunity though to have an ad on the internet though. Facebook has ads listed on the right side of the page all of the time. There is even an opportunity to create a Facebook page to show discounts, upcoming events, and get a message out to the customers.
Taking full advantage of all that there is out there on the internet to offer can help with a company’s growth. The internet is used by most people on daily basis. There are couponing queens out there, teens trying to find a product to show their parents they want, the mom and dad looking for things for their children, the newly married couple looking for Do It Yourself projects to help their starter home come along nicely. Whatever it is that a customer is doing on the internet just know that those customers are at any point and time able to see the ads and know what there is to offer.
Regulations are one of the key trends to always keep an on eye. Regulations are continually charging because regulations are getting tighter. The government and parents are making sure these changes are happening for the sake of children and what they see these days on television. Kids should not have to see some of the things that use to be shown on television or were up on billboards. Some can still remember the camel smoking a cigarette or even the women smoking but regulation made sure that has to be no longer seen. Children are vessels and take in everything thing they see and hear. Regulations are getting tighter for that reason and mothers are taking more of a stand for their children than they use to. Children are more impressionable now than they use to be because there are a lot...

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