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Future Of Wifi Essay

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Technology Overview
New mobile computing devices are flooding the market with a dramatic demand for access to the internet. With Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, exploding in popularity, companies and even some whole localities are increasingly providing access to the public. Due to its popularity, varieties of businesses are exploring their options to stay relevant and attract customers. Airports, train stations, grocery stores and other public locations are offering free Wi-Fi in hopes to lure the consumer to purchase their products. Free public Wi-Fi facilitates a lengthier customer relationship and offers a competitive advantage against other local coffee shops offering the same ...view middle of the document...

One marketing technique utilized by Starbucks and its service provider, AT&T, include two free hours of Wi-Fi for the day if you used a Starbucks card. Additional time could be purchased by the consumer. With the increase in sales related to the two free hours of Wi-Fi, Starbucks began to match competitors, such as McDonalds, and offered unlimited free Wi-Fi. Many Wi-Fi ads appear when a user logs in or while visiting the landing page; this type of marketing allows the costs of the free service to be covered.
With an increased need for on-the-go Wi-Fi access, applications that include Wi-Fi detection and mapping have emerged. These apps are used to find open networks, determine the maximum range of a network, and detect networks that may be causing interference. According to bloggers and other tech experts, the top-rated, free Wi-Fi detection and mapping applications include: Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and NetSurveyor (Gizmo’s Freeware 2013) according to Apps Hub, a website that reviews and ranks Apple apps (Akhtar 2013).
Future Trends
There are several inventive structures that are being developed for the future of Wi-Fi. Passport, developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance Company, allows users to connect to a Wi-Fi service without any authentication. This is an example of what is currently being used by cellular phone carriers when users are roaming and the service connects to a network feasible to the users’ preferences. Secondly, there is WiGig, also known as 802.11ad, “technology to enable wireless docking for customers as well as possible data center usage (Kerner, 2013).
Another emerging trend includes “land-grabbing” -- the process of establishing multiple Wi-Fi access points in prime hotspot locations across global markets. As competition for these premium locations increases, the price of acquiring rights to them increases correspondingly (Wireless Broadband Alliance, 2012, p. 9). Wi-Fi in cars is under trial and error development using dedicated short-range communications. The Wi-Fi protocol is the same, except it has longer range and can link cars together to prevent accidents. This will reduce insurance costs and many ISP businesses will benefit from this technology. The only thing that is preventing the advance in this technology is the lack of investment from federal and local governments.
The advancement of the mobile broadband network is becoming a threat to the growing Wi-Fi community. Mobile broadband offers faster speeds and stronger reliability with wider coverage. New smartphones and tablets are being modified to accommodate the use of fast mobile broadband connections and use internet speed as efficiently as possible. WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) architecture is being developed to support the mobility broadband wireless network and increased Wi-Fi speeds. WiMAX would not affect end users since they can connect to the WiMAX enabled modem, making it a highly effective service for rural towns.
An emerging product, Light fidelity or...

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