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Future Of The Juvenile Justice System

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Future of the Juvenile Justice System
Lashanna Banks-Augustus
Bryan Knight
Samantha Mathis
Barbara Minish
Jenny Sutton
CJA 374
July 2, 2012
Mecca Brown

The Future of the Juvenile Justice System
In 1899 the first separate Juvenile Court system opened in the United Sates. The Juvenile Justice system design was to separate juvenile delinquents from adult criminals. Documentation proves that juveniles do not have the maturity level or the responsibility level of an adult to receive the same punishment as adults should. Juvenile Justice System main focus is rehabilitation as a replacement for punishment in which the adult court system focuses on punishment. The juvenile system ...view middle of the document...

Some kinds of communities focus on only giving the juvenile probation or jail time. They consider that as a wake-up call to the juveniles.
Although the juvenile receives treatment from the harm caused to the community, the community needs to heal and repair themselves from the harm caused to the victim as well as the community itself. The one effective community service is different projects done within the community. Help repair senior centers, clean up the churches, schools, and parks as well as the areas within the community. This would not only become useful to help pay back the community but also help the juvenile to understand more about who they are.
Law Enforcement
Law enforcement plays a huge role in the Juvenile Justice system; Law enforcement is a juvenile delinquent first point of contact. According to "Law Enforcement and Juvenile Crime" (n.d.), “Law enforcement provides "input" for the rest of the juvenile justice system, and thus understanding these inputs is critical for examining how the system responds to juvenile crime.” Law enforcement has the capability to let release the juvenile, or detain the juvenile. Law enforcement had considerable limitations placed regarding how juveniles should be processed. “Under the 1974 act, for instance, status offenders were kept separate from delinquent offenders through deinstitutionalization” (Champion, "Chapter 5, Juveniles and the police,"  2010).
“In 2009 within 12 months there were 1.9 million juvenile arrests made. Law enforcement agencies refer approximately two-thirds of all arrested youth to a juvenile court for further processing.” The million dollar question is out of the two-thirds sent to court for further processing how many punished for crime. Recommendations that law makers, community, and law enforcement team up and come up with a game plan that will stop allowing juvenile offenders to get away with committing crime or stop allowing juvenile delinquents to get off with a slap on the wrist as punishment. The Juvenile Justice systems needs revamping, the system is allowing juveniles to get way with living a life of crime.
Juvenile courts focus more on the rights of the juveniles and what is the best form of discipline and actions for them. The United States currently convict juveniles with adult’s crimes; based on the type of crime that was committed. The downfall to this is that if these states succeed with a positive outcome, other states will look into passing such laws as well.
According to juvenile crime and juvenile justice young people are increasing violent and uncontrollable behaviors. State and Federal legislators have proposed and some states have already passed laws that will make the juveniles more punitive in the court systems and to allow them to receive waivers to adult courts (Patterns and Trends in Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice, n.d.).
OJJDP became the focal point for reforms of the American juvenile justice system....

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