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Future Of Solar Energy Essay

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A. The Beginning
i. The Boom of Solar Power
One of the most significant and perceptible booms in the country of Japan recently is one that will probably broaden and remain an enduring fixture, unlike other technological booms that are going on in Japan. Utilizing solar energy from the sun’s rays to heat water has long been frequent in Japan for some time. Nevertheless, in the last decade a collection of photovoltaic cell panels have began to appear mostly everywhere, via the rooftops of homes, businesses, airport terminals, large factories and schools. The most interesting thing about this obvious ...view middle of the document...

Real estate agencies (for instance, Sekisui Heim) have reported their annual sales (54% of 11,500 homes) in 2006 about households that belong in the solar power generation model. As of now, the Japanese government is dynamically stimulating the market through a range of inducements, and the main objective is to increase the amount of electrical energy produced by solar power via last year’s 1.13 million kilowatts to 4.8 million kilowatts in just four years from now. Whereas a definite percentage of that will be going through industrial production, a large significant amount will be via regular homes.

Economics is the main reason behind the solar energy boom in Japan, because the retail price of electricity in the country is typically expensive, and the other problem is the nuclear power plants have aggravated the energy dilemma. “For example the accident in 1995 at Monju, shut down the only fast breeder reactor in Japan (it is still closed), and all 17 of the nuclear plants managed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company were shut down in 2003 after the government discovered that the company had been falsifying safety documentation.” (
The outcomes are that most of the electricity produced in Japan is from imported natural gas and burning coal. This has turn out to be increasingly more expensive as product and service prices continue to rise. Furthermore, the demand for solar panels is contrasting the demand for exceptional mass manufactured hybrid cars being sold by automobile companies; Honda and Toyota. Today there are corporate and government support for the companies involved in solar energy.

During the winter of 2005, Japan had to exceed its emissions targets, and allowed upward pressure on the costs paid by corporation for necessary power. The country has a prosperous carbon trading market, plus an exceptionally widespread execution of ISO14000 standards, but present prices and energy demand is a fast acknowledgment that something had to alter, and alter quickly. “Installing the average solar power system costs about 650,000 yen per kilowatt. The cost and size of the panels is falling annually, while their efficiency continues to improve, generating significant power even during cloudy weather.” (

The Japanese architects have learned to plan and design the finest space and surfaces, hastening the direction towards solar designs. The outcome is that most Japanese families are radically reducing the amount of electricity purchased via the usual power grid from the cities, and in certain cases develop into net retailers of energy power and earning income while decreasing the stress on...

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