Future Of Modernization Essay

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Future of Modernization
By Ravon B. Ford
SOC 120
September 2, 2012
Mr. Walter James

Modernization has come to be apparent in many ways. Some may see this as good, some amt see it as bad. Modernization will persist as time goes on; into the foreseeable future. Modernization has affected everyone around the world and all social classes. But, with modernization comes an outcome that may be inescapable. Modernization displays itself in the United States in several ways. People regularly change things about themselves, such as their values and beliefs system. Modernization has diluted smaller populations, and gave way to technology and urbanization. The social order has become more ...view middle of the document...

People are always looking to improve themselves and need science and technology to find new innovations to do that. “Technology can be considered the leading cause for modernization here in the U.S. as scientist routinely searches for new medical discoveries, organisms and other life sources. Politicians continue to move in and out of our political system, passing bills along with legislation that are designed to fix current legal loop-holes, and prevent scandalous activity that may bring forth harm. This in return, is a never-ending succession of change in the way our criminal justice system operates. One leading modernization the majority of the world probably thought would have never occurred in the United States was the winning vote for our new African American president Barrack Obama. President Obama proved change does not always have to be frowned upon, and his ideology and efforts to make the United States a better place will eventually triumph (Tyrer, 2008).”
Modernization can be thought of as a world-wide movement, as the increased number of countries including countries that are underdeveloped, move towards improved techniques with the use of technology that will expand their economy, and make the lives of their countrymen more prosperous. According to Adam Webb, 2008, a journalist of World History for the University of Hawaii, “stated modernization has demonstrated an existence world-wide in religion. Two main factors help determine why religion has become modernized: first, religions of all types have changed over time to fit the lifestyle needs of its followers; second, religious changes takes place to prevent its members from moving on to another religion which could possibly cause the religion to become nonexistent. Countries, such as the United States are relentlessly working to transform other countries like the Middle East to use a democratic system. This system will allow more women's rights, an American criminal justice system, and a different form of political views.”
But, there are consequences involved with modernization. For one, because of modern medicine, the birth to death ratio has almost doubled; annually and 73 million babies are now born world-wide each year. Moreover, though people are living longer lives, “the planets natural resources used for human survival are rapidly disappearing and are unequally distributed causing starvation and disease. Preindustrial families are being affected in a negative manner as more of their newer generations are becoming individualistic and egotistical while focusing on their self rather than their family. This has caused some families to lose valuable cultural traits that have been instilled for many generations, such as the Brazilian tribe listed in our text whose young...

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