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Future Of Hr & Org Behavior In Post Recession Era

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HR can answer the needs of this new future workplace. But it will need a new focus on managing the whole lifecycle of employment, new recruiting and engagement ideas, the ability to provide training and development for employees who are not likely to see real salary increases for another decade, and better metrics that prove to the business the impact they are making in the coming years of this Post-Recession Era.

As the U.S. economy begins to right itself from the financial crisis and associated recession, our thoughts turn to the possibility of new growth and new opportunities for business. The end of the recession may not be the ...view middle of the document...

Why are these proposed solutions? Because as a result of the challenges of the recession, employee engagement is at an all-time low, yet people are staying in these unsatisfactory positions due to the high unemployment rate. Retention is at an all-time high on the other hand, because of the fear and reluctance of employees to search for a new position. The “grin and bear it” attitude towards work does not lend itself to overall company profit or shareholder wealth. (Eamley, 2011)
In the next year, many HR managers have predicted that they will be looking for more productive workers. This could be due to a myriad of factors, but a fundamental aspect of this concern is found in the deterioration of the employer-employee relationship. Over 50 percent of those surveyed said that they are passive or actively disengaged at work, 42 percent are not engaged, only 43 percent trust senior leadership, 40 percent feel burnt out due to stress, and 64 percent are physically exhausted when they get home at the end of the day. (Eamley, 2011)
How can employees increase their productivity when these unsettling workplace attitudes exist? The key here is to find talented, effective, and respected 
leaders to drive engagement, innovation, and profitability. It is paramount to 
start this change at the top and relay it through middle management to the 
employee level.
The results simply speak for themselves. Concerns about the future of 
acquiring and nurturing talent are prevalent. 61 percent of HR managers 
anticipate an increased focus on talent development, 40 percent forecast an 
increased focus on hiring, and one-third still predict an increase in turnover. 
The recession may be coming to an end, but the dog days may be here to stay 
unless these HR initiatives are implemented at the upper levels of 
organizations. (Eamley, 2011)
Having said that, it is surprising to see that the overwhelming priority at the moment for HR leaders around the world in the study is to become more efficient, or in other words, cut costs. This is not a happy finding for those of us who were hoping for some renewed vigor in the HR function.
According to Dr. John Sullivan the future of recruiting and talent management will lie in his “10 Predictions for 2012: The Top trends in Talent Management and Recruiting”. While 2011 was the year of Social media where recruiting saw no fewer than 40 new vendors emerging to help organizations use social media to attract referrals. There were also some early stage tools to use social media for some pre/post hiring assessment as well as applicant/candidate/employee experience management. New tools brought much enhanced visibility into talent issues, but most talent-management metrics continue not to resonate with key leaders outside of the HR function.
• Recruiters in the coming years will face fierce competition for key talent once again. There will be an increase in demand as unemployment rates continue to decrease...

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