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Future Of Democracy In Pakistan Essay

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However, colossal efforts at every level are required for democracy to take root and relieve us of our ever increasing catastrophes.

Looking over the political history of our country has never been a palatable chore. An apparent disharmony between democratic creed and autocratic reality is the net deduction but the flaw is more inherent. Pakistan even when created had a fair share of the feudal ruling class in the Muslim League who represented a culture of suppression and personal gains.

These landlords and feudal cum politicians hijacked the political system, which instead of becoming free and a true public representative became instead a system of the mighty and powerful. Also Pakistan did not have a formal constitution until 1956, and that also could not appease a large political section.

Moreover, the constant military takeovers first by General Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan , Zia-ul- haq and Gen Musharraf, never allowed the country to adopt any positive political principles. All the different constitutions could never completely satisfy the vast political divide, except for the 1973 constitution,  which has been twisted by many amendments. The biggest mishap due to absence of democracy was the dismemberment of Pakistan.

Consequently, the list of gross failures kept mounting and even after realizing the underlying causes, they weren’t addressed. Of the major causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan, the substantial ones are related to those in authority i.e, the leadership, army and bureaucracy.

Firstly, the failure to sustain democracy is the over developed state structure. The monopolization and centralization of power, decision making structure, hegemonic ideals vis-à-vis civil society and also a need to control them terribly weakened the de facto government institutions and in turn the social and economic structure as well.

Secondly, a clash between main organs of government such as judiciary and executive lead never gave democracy a fair chance. Personalization of rule has been in vogue. This trend by the executive to influence all and sundry made Pakistan an international study case of a failing democratic state.

In addition to this the military rulers strengthened the bureaucracy for their own rule. Securing a permanent role in the establishment, the bureaucrats preferred to compromise with the feudal system as well. The circulation of power in a handful of families made the structure hollow.
Similarly, as cited earlier the authority at local level accumulated in the hands of feudal cum politicians who had the public vote bank with them. The military rulers were thought to curb them in the beginning but instead of nipping them in the bud they also compromised with them to prolong their rule. In such circumstances, even universal suffrage could not be effective and non-political powers began to play a greater role.

Likewise, the weak institution of political system, from the parliament- which became a proxy of...

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