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Future Innovations On Phones Essay

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Identifying Innovation Strategy for Primary Education in rural India |
SMTI Project Proposal |
30th-Dec-2013 |
Submitted To:Prof Arun K Jain | Submitted By:Ajit JhaVikas HajelaYogesh Verma | WMP08052WMP08093WMP08095 |
| Section- B | |

Executive Summary: 2
Few common issues in rural education in India 2
Research Objectives 3
Approach 3
References 3

Executive Summary:

The number of illiterates in India is estimated to be over 400 million of which 75% live in rural areas. Of the literate population, a significant proportion lack basic vocational skills.
India has world-class institutes of higher learning, such as the IITs, IIMs ...view middle of the document...

In our research we would be identifying the key issues in rural education in India and the innovation strategy followed by NGOs & Government to address those issues.
Few common issues in rural education in India

Following are few key issues:
1. There has been little attempt by educators in the country to improve rural education, where the motivation among children to attend class is low because of such factors as negative parental pressure, poor facilities and uninspired teaching.
2. There is lack of adequate physical facilities, books and materials, a case can be made to focus on skill-based education, which requires less capital and can be effectively and widely disseminated.
3. Single teacher schools, most of them with just a single room, are unable to provide even the basic environment for learning.
4. Lack of adequate classroom facilities means that children from different age groups typically sit in the same classroom, leading to boredom and disinterest
5. Driven by pressing short-term economic needs, most parents are reluctant to send their children to school. They often pose obstacles to learning.
Research Objectives

Following are the objectives for this study:
* Explore the unaddressed issues in rural education in India
* Explore the different...

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