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Future Communications Essay

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Future Communications- What Changes I Think I'll See in the Future of the Communications Industry. There will be many different advances in the future of the communications. It's hard to tell what people are going to come up with next. New changes or advancements are made every year. They are constantly thinking of new ways to make the communications industry much better. In the near future they will come up with so many new advancements that everything will be completely changed within the next couple of years.What one of the changes I think I'll see in the future of the communications industry is instead of a home telephone, people will use these little box that projected a hologram of the person that they're talking to. This hologram will pop up ...view middle of the document...

They can imagine you are at the place you would like them to think you are at. You could also download other things that you might want to be around you. You could also make it where you are talking to more than one person. You would half to have the multiple version. This one allows you to see more than one person in your holograms. The single version would only allow you to talk to only one person at a time. You can have as many people you want in your conversation. It would be similar to the three-way telephone calls we have today. The difference would be you could have more than three people in a conversation and you could also see them too.There might also be a vehicle version of the little box projector. This would make it so the hologram looks like they are riding in the passenger seat with you. You could also make it where they could ride in the back seat instead of the front. If you wanted both of them you would have to purchase both of them because the home version doesn't work in a vehicle. That is why there are two different versions. They would be two separate machines. For the vehicle version you wouldn't necessarily need to download any certain background but you could if you wanted to.I think that if the little box projector would be invented it would help a lot. It would help if you were late for a business meeting. All you would have to do is call them up and you would be there at the meeting. If you were in a business where you needed to get in contact with several people at one time, you could call them all up at the same time and tell them what you needed to say. You wouldn't have to call them all separately. This invention would be very helpful to many people in the future. It would be really cool to be talking to someone in person rather than just hearing their voice.

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