Future Advertising Trends Essay

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Future Advertising Trends
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Future Advertising Trends
Advertising is an aspect of marketing that is extremely volatile to new trends and technology updates. Because, of its trendy nature it is extremely important for advertising agencies and even companies to be aware of the trends and future trends of advertising. There are three key components that really drive trends in advertising the first is social changes, the second is globalization and legislation, the final component is new technology and means of advertising. While there are many other factors that drive trends in advertising these three components always play a critical role in the face of advertising.
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Volkswagen has a very different approach to advertising moving away from convincing consumers that their car will provide a new and better lifestyle to convincing consumers that Volkswagen will improve the lifestyle they already have. This advertising concept works hand in hand with their green advertising, giving the impression that the TDI will only enhance your own green movement. The Brock Press wrote an enlightening article about Volkswagens pop culture branding success, they said, “Advertising cannot create a need but clever advertising manages to meet old needs in new ways. Volkswagen has a universal appeal to those who feel that they are unique, fun individuals who enjoy driving and want to express this through their choice of vehicle. Many people identify with the Volkswagen image but the cleverness lies in the fact that the generic message never appears to be generic. How many people would not classify themselves as unique and fun who also enjoy driving?” (Brema, 2004) This is a popular trend of marketing.
Globalization and Legislation
The global marketplace is continually reducing in size, with more business now conducted via the internet. This means that, more than ever before, advertisers, marketers and PR professionals need to have knowledge of legislation in the other countries to which they may market. America, Great Britain, France, Mexico, and each country has its own legislation. These rules can define a wide number of different aspects, such as placement, timing, and content. In the United State, false advertising and health related ads are regulated the most. Many communities have their own rules, particularly for outdoor advertising. Sweden and Norway prohibit domestic advertising that targets children. Some European countries don’t allow sponsorship of children’s programs; no advertisement can be aimed at kids under twelve. In the United Kingdom advertising of tobacco on television, billboards or at sporting events is banned. The regulatory authorities are different in each country. The US has the Federal Trade Commission on a national and international level while the United Kingdom has the Advertising Standards Authority. There are also local agencies, groups and legislators that affect advertising regulations on a local level.
One industry that really has been dramatically affected by advertising regulation is the tobacco industry. The advertising of tobacco products, typically cigarettes is one of the most highly regulated forms of marketing. Before the 1970’s, most cigarette advertising was legal in the US and most European nations. In the US cigarette brands such as Camel, were frequently sponsors of televisions shows and had celebrity endorsements. Camel had the well known tag line, “I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel” and celebrities like John Wayne endorsing the brand. In 1964, the Surgeon General of the United States released the Surgeon Genera’s Advisory Committee Report on Smoking and Health....

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