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Future Essay

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Predictions for the Future Time is constantly changing the world. The year is 2001 and nothing is the way it was when dinosaurs first roamed the Earth millions of years ago. The cave men did not travel in convertibles or use microwaves to cook their meals. Somewhere along the line, great people came along and invented these luxuries. Although today seems like the modern world, the people of 2084 will probably be purchasing digital cameras and DVD players in an antique shop. The world will be so much different in 2084, just as 2001 differs from the prehistoric days. Today's educational system, political system, global relations, quality of life, and human relationships will be completely ...view middle of the document...

Speaking of Government, there is also the possibility that the Government could become virtual. During emergencies, George W. Bush actually conducts business from Air Force One. He has on board all the communications equipment he needs to manage political affairs. Satellite technology is used today to connect people in remote locations to the Internet. In the future, Government officials could cast and collect all votes pertaining to laws from any place on Earth. Today, people can do their taxes online, so why shouldn't they be able to vote from their homes? Government over territories will become obsolete with time. This is because the people of today are becoming less dependent on their physical location. Why be dependent on a physical location with the freedom to change citizenship, the remote work, the virtual worlds, and the global economic trade? As for global relations, the globalization of identity will probably result in the blending of cultures. Already this world has a large number of people born of multiple parentages. Many people can no longer say "I am of Chinese decent", or "I am French". Today a person can be of "German-Irish-Chinese-Russian" parentage. This could cause individuals, towns, states, and countries to exert their own identity more intensely. Huge nations with multiple cultures like China, India, and the United States could break up into smaller entities. There would no longer be the concept of "country" and "nation". As for global exchange of goods, this will never die, as long as there is enough oil to carry dealers overseas. Because of the lack of new energy sources being discovered today, fossil fuel and electricity will probably be quite expensive by 2084. The international trade of large bulk goods will become restricted to only that necessary because of the high transportation cost. Network communication and virtual travels, however, will replace the human desire for global contacts.As for the general quality of life, some aspects will improve with time, while other things will deteriorate. On a positive note, by 2084 medical science will have long found a cure for ailments like cancer, AIDs, and the common cold. This past year researchers in San Diego developed a cure for hearing loss, so any cure is possible by 2084! With more cures, the average life span of a person will probably rise by twenty to thirty years. On a negative note, energy will probably be more expensive, and this will cause the living standard in industrialized countries to decrease. The situation will be incredibly bad in countries that haven't achieved widespread welfare by the year 2000. These countries will not develop an effective method of transportation or...

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