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Funny, Attractive And Entertaining: Richard Lederer’s “English Is A Crazy Language”

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Mar 3, 2013

Funny, Attractive and Entertaining: Richard Lederer’s “English Is a Crazy Language”
After Richard Lederer retired in 1989, he wrote a book about how crazy English is. Because he had taught English for many years, he used many interesting comments to writes “English Is a Crazy Language,” the opening chapter of his book. In the sixth paragraph of the essay “English Is a Crazy Language,” the author, Richard Lederer uses many kinds of rhetorical techniques. The use of these techniques makes the entire paragraph more entertaining and easy to read and let the readers know how important the English language is.
At the beginning of paragraph 6, the first sentence, ...view middle of the document...

The use of alliteration is the author’s secret. Each of these word starts with “in”, which makes the whole sentence more strength and entertaining. It is definitely an impressive way to write sentence in this way.
If one wants to make one’s essay more entertaining instead of a dull article one can uses rhetorical techniques, which can make the whole essay more interesting and easy to read.
In the second part of paragraph 6 the author uses parallelism as the main rhetorical techniques. In the second part of paragraph 6, Lederer uses many different examples to emphasize how paradoxical and complex English is. “Hot dog can be cold, darkrooms can be lit…”(160). All of these brief phrases are related with each other in a same structure. If a sentence is written in this kind of structure, it is also considered as a parallelism. The most interesting thing is that the author also writes all of these small phrases in a paradoxical way, which well explain the complex of English and the use of the rhetorical technique of repetition also makes the whole sentence more strength. This kind of combination helps the readers to understand the author’s main idea more easily and an entertaining sentence is not only a good way to influence the readers but also a...

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