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Funding Space Exploration Essay

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Funding Space Exploration: Why should we continue
Cynthia Clark
English Composition II
Brandon Bond

With so Many problems on planet earth,
should the United States continue to fund space exploration?

There are so many reasons why the federal government needs to fund other issues. There are three issues that can be looked into further to see what can be done to help those issues. Admittedly we have a poor education system without proper funding our education will get less and less beneficial to children as the years go by, it will cause a loss of jobs for teachers and other educators. Our ...view middle of the document...

There has been a big problem with having adequate health care for working and no working citizens of the United States. There is no help for people who are working but do not make enough to pay for insurance out of their paychecks such as part time employees or employers that do not provide Health insurance for part time help. From a known experience Medicaid does not help someone that has income they get in child support per month, how can someone that pays bills and has to buy groceries with that money, can afford to pay medical they may really need but does not go because of the cost of health care. These are the kind of problems that Funding can provide health coverage for the poor and working class citizens of the United States
We have gone into space for so many years why is it that the United States has to keep spending money on this space exploration? There is so much more to learn and the United States has already learned a lot with the past space exploration that has been done. Now is time for the United States to stop spending 2.5 billion on space exploration for one space shuttle which was launch in July of 2012 this was an eight month mission why not start spending money on needed things. Let’s look back on all the billions of dollars that has been spent to this date on exploring space. We have been in space as far back as 1960’s when Neil Armstrong went up for the first space mission. The 2.5 billion is only a fraction of what it has cost over the years. We the people need to speak up and say we will have no more needles spending and provide money for other issues we are having.

Another place that extra funding can go to would be better education our schools let’s not forget school safety. Our children deserves the best education that money can buy and to feel safe about being at school. We need more extra school programs that will help the children that are not getting good grades. Most children that may need one on one help. When, they cannot get it in a bigger class room. With the overall help of the School Improvements Grants (SIG) which first began in 2001 under the Title 1 section of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which are in the form of a formula-based federal aid to states, after the funds has been issued the funds are awarded to districts that has applied for such help to aid in their low-preforming schools. The schools in turn use the money to help them become an above or better than average school. With the year of 2012 coming to an end Pennsylvania state officials are preparing for a cut to federal funding. Even though Pennsylvania Educational programs are rank the highest in potential cuts Pennsylvania school will not see the effect until the following Year. Langley (2012)
The automatic cuts are to take place in January 2013 with 300 million in federal funding being cut. Langley (2012) “If the cut remain in place the next year, there will be a lot of cuts in student services said...

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