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Fundamentals Of Networking Phase 2 Essay

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Fundamentals of Networking
Phase 2 Discussion Board

December 1, 2013
In this discussion board, I am going to define and describe the OSI and the TCP/IP models including a discussion on where and how they overlap. I will discuss why I think the TCP/IP model is use and the OSI model is not, and finally what my definition of the steps of OSI and TCP/IP are and their implementation.
I am going to start with the OSI model. The OSI model is made up of 7 different layer, each with their own functions. Each of the layers are defined as:
1. Physical Layer:
The physical layer is responsible of delivering row bit stream over the physical cable. Its functions are physical ...view middle of the document...

Its functions are character code translation, data conversion and data compression. (Khani, 2012)
7. Application Layer:
The application layer provides different services to the application. Its functions are remote file access, electronic messaging, directory services and network management. (Khani, 2012)

The OSI model, although it is considered to be the reference tool for data communication, is not really a working model. It is basically just a learning tool used to understand Networking. TCP/IP however, is the working model that is based on the OSI model. It is the standard that is used but was created from the OSI model.
The next model I am going to define will be the TCP/IP model. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Protocol/Internet Protocol. Although it is based off of the OSI model, it only has 4 layers. This is because in the working model, layers of the OSI model were combined to form 1 layer. The layers are as follows:
1. Application Layer
The application layer groups the functions of the OSI models Application, Presentation and sessions into a single layer. Its functions are to refer to standard network services, define compatible representation of all of the data. (Khani, 2012)
2. Transport Layer
The transport layer...

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