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Fundamentals Of Network Elements Essay

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Q1: How many LANs and WANs are forming the enterprise network?
LANs: __________ WANs: _____________
Q2: How many subnetworks do you see? Answer: __________ subnetworks
List the subnetworks:
Q3: When PC1 communicates with Server 1, how many data links a message has to go through?
Answer: __________ data links
When PC1 communicates with Server 1, how many physical links a message has to go through?
Answer: __________ physical links
When PC1 communicates with Server 3, how many data links a message has to go through?
Answer: __________ data links
When PC7 communicates with Server 2, how many different routes a message can take?
Answer: __________ ...view middle of the document...

What is the VLAN ID assigned to all switch ports?
Answer: __________
Q19: What are MAC addresses of the first three switch ports?
Q20: Manually translate the three MAC addresses in Q19 into 48-bit binary.
Complete the cabling between nodes as in Figure 1. If there are no serial ports necessary for WAN connections on the router, WAN cards (WICs) have to be installed. The network administrator decided to use the WIC-2T WAN card among many choices.
 Install the WIC-2T WAN network cards to all available router slots.
 Use following cabling to interconnect nodes.
LAN cabling: Use either copper straight-through or copper cross-over cabling.
Straight through cabling is used to connect different devices (ex. PC –switch, switch – router). Connecting similar devices (ex. switch – switch) needs cross-over cabling. Do NOT use the automatically choose connection type option. LAN links are shown in black.
WAN cabling: Serial lines should be used for the WAN connection. Choose the Serial DCE cable option that supports clocking (One end of the WAN connection needs to have clocking to regulate transmission speed). WAN links are shown in red.
 Note: When wrong ports are chosen for cabling, there will be an error message “This cable cannot be connected to the port”. When cabling is correctly done, you should see two small dots in red on both ends of the cable. If you see the dot only on one end of the connection, the cabling is incorrect. The red dots between computers and switches change to green automatically after a while indicating readiness for message exchange. Meanwhile, you will find that any cabling that involves a router port will remain in red. This means that, although the physical connection has been completed, additional router configuration is necessary in order to exchange messages via the router port.
Completing the network cabling, therefore, does not mean that end devices (PC stations and servers) can communicate because routers have not been configured. Switches do not need additional configuration to enable the switch port function. Once cabling is complete, answer following questions:
Questions (Q21-Q31) based on Router R1:
Q21: List all names (identifiers) of LAN and WAN ports (again no worry on VLAN):
LAN (Ethernet)
WAN (Serial)
Q22: How many LAN ports (interfaces) are physically connected? Answer: __________
Q23: What is the name of the LAN port being connected?
Q24: What is the speed of R1’s LAN port? Answer: __________
Q25: What is the MAC address of R1’s LAN port in use? Answer: ______________________
Q26: How many WAN ports (interfaces) are physically connected? Answer: __________
Q27: List the name of the WAN ports being connected.
WAN (Serial)
Q28: Do we know the speed of the WAN ports? Yes [ ], No[ ]
Q29: Does the WAN port...

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