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Fundamentals Of E Buisiness Essay

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Fundamentals of E-Business – BUS107
August 31, 2011

The computers we use in today’s society are advancing every day. Every child and adult can operate or manipulate most home computers. We are being taught that to succeed in today’s electronic world, the computer will help in providing all the answers. One of the problems we face with the computer is that there are so many rights versus wrong, or good versus bad things that can be done using a computer. In this report we will discuss how Bibliofind might have used firewalls to prevent the intruders from gaining access to its transaction servers, how encryption might have helped prevent or lessen the effects of Bibliofind’s ...view middle of the document...

479-480). Additionally, Bibliofind should have placed a firewall at each location that has an external connection to the internet. By placing the firewalls at these sites, Bibliofind would have ensured that if a perimeter was broken, the system will shut down (Schneider, 2011, p.480). Furthermore, all firewalls must react to each situation the same way. One firewall cannot allow information, while another allows it. Bibliofind should also remove any unnecessary software form the firewalls. The software that is used by the server is one of the common ways a hacker gains access to a network.
Explain how encryption might have helped lessen the effects of Bibliofind’s security breach.
“Encryption is the coding of information by using a mathematically based program and a secret key to produce a string of characters that is unintelligible. The science that studies encryption is called cryptography (Schneider, 2011, p.485)”. Bibliofind stored customer information, including names, addresses, and credit card information on their transaction servers in plain text files (Schneider, 2011, p.487). They should have used an encryption program that transforms plain text messages into cipher text. The encryption program is known as an encryption algorithm. These encryption algorithms have been developed by the government, IBM, and other major companies. Encryption algorithms are so important that the government decides its’ dissemination and some are so important that the government has banned publication about them (Schneider, 2011, p.465). As our text shows, there are a large number of encryption programs and software in use today. For reasons unknown, Bibliofind chose not to take advantage of todays’ security reference computer technology. The messages that were received and sent would have been encoded and decoded in such a way that it would have been taken a master hacker to infiltrate their system. If Bibliofind had used an encryption program, they could have established and maintained a successful business.
California has a law that requires companies to inform customers whose private information might have been exposed during a security breach like the one that Bibliofind experienced. Before California enacted this law, businesses argued that the law would encourage nuisance lawsuits. Present arguments...

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