Fundamental Concepts Of The Field Of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Fundamental Concepts of the Field of Industrial/Organizational PsychologyFundamental Concepts of the Field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Rosa Parker
Psychology 435 Industrial/organizational Psychology
October 12, 2010
Andrea Caballero, Ph.D
Fundamental Concepts of the Field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
The field of Industrial/OrganizationalPsychology has been rapidly growing after it was originally used during World War I and has become an imperative part of any large ...view middle of the document...

Inthis paper the fundamental concepts and evolution of the field of industrial/organizational psychology will be examined; difference between industrial/organizational psychology from other disciplines, how industrial/organization psychology is used in organizations as well as the role of research and statistics in industrial/organizational psychology will be examined.
Fundamental Concepts and Evolution
“As its two-part name implies, the field of I/O psychology contains two major divisions: the industrial (or personnel) and the organizational. Although the content of the two major divisions overlaps and cannot be easily separated, each grew out of different traditions in the history of the field (Spector, 2008).”Some of the interest of industrial/organizational psychologist involves the selection of efficient candidates and how some typical issuessuch as job stress, job satisfaction and employee behavior will affect not only the organization but also how these issues will affect the employee him or herself. Although “ I/O psychologist do not deal directly with employees’ emotional or personal problems” (Spector, 2008). The Industrial/Organizational psychologists foremost intention is to assist the...

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