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Fundamental Analysis Of Power Sector

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Content Writer Interview Questions and Tips

Planning to take up a fulfilling job as online content writer or taking up writing as a career? Well as with all creative pursuits’ content writing also demands a fair bit of creativity apart from consistent quality. But when you have both, writing can be a fulfilling calling indeed. This small content/copy writing interview guide lists the interview questions common to all jobs apart from focusing on the questions more likely to be asked in any interview for a content or Web copy writer. While I was planning to write a small content writing interview guide for a long time what finally made me put my fingers to the keyboard was the truly ...view middle of the document...

2) Your Strong and Weak points.

Although this question is normally asked in a written submission but it’s quite relevant as it can be used to convey a good impression when handled with tack. Obviously you will easily jot down your strong points like organic SEO writing, discipline, creativity, originality, consistency, team work and so on but what about the weak points. lies the sticky point. Write the weak points in such a manner that they seem like your strong ones. For instance you may say/write that you are a stickler for deadlines, grammar, creativity and originality and so on. Just remember you should only convey such points which will either give a good or neutral impression and not any negative one.

3) What was/is the profile in your previous/present company?

This question is relevant only for candidates with previous content writing experience. If you have written on variety of topics then it will be definitely better than having written just one type of content as most companies want writers for all types of writing jobs and not just one or two. Still, hardcore technical writers will not be expected to have a wide writing range except for their own domain. For others it’s advantageous to present yourself as generic content writer and not specialized unless the job demands so; for instance, travel writing job. Apart from the writing part also mention other associated responsibilities like, finding keywords, URL suggestion, title tags, page layout decisions, content selection, handling a team, editing etc.

4) Do you know something about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Although content writers aren’t supposed to know much about SEO but if they do it’s a added bonus because writing and SEO go hand-in-hand and website popularity depends on the right balance between the two and not just one of them. Obviously if you have mentioned SEO as one of your skills then be prepared for some searching SEO questions from the interviewer. Even if you mention SEO as a separate skill as distinct from SEO content writing, mention it after your writing skill and not before that. But handle all SEO related questions with tact. If the interviewer just has some basic SEO knowledge then you can convince him/her quite easily by talking about on-page and off-page optimization but if the interviewer has in depth knowledge then you will need more than just SEO basics. So it’s advisable to state upfront your comfort level with all things SEO.

5) Give some reference of your previous work.

Keep in handy a pen drive containing your best write ups. Yes, you need to be selective; we all know the nonsense we write in the early days of our content writing career and even when we just don’t feel like proof reading some write up, so skip such stuff. It’s always advisable to show a wide variety of write-ups like blogs, articles, home page and on different topics. Also if the write-up is under your name it’s even better for sake of...

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