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Functions Of Management Paper

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Functions of Management Paper

MGT/330 Theory, Practice, and Application


The following describes the four main functions of management and how they are used in everyday life within an organization. Each function uses a level of logic and practical application in order to meet and sustain the expectations of the company. If a business does not use these functions then it will lose productivity and in turn suffer losses of money.

Businesses all across the globe use the “core four” functions of management.
These four functions are planning, organizing, leading, and ...view middle of the document...

By straightening the needed items they must be put in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval. Shining is just keeping the workplace neat and clean. The standardized method is by making “Sort, Straighten, and Shine” a habitual practice. Sustain is to maintain everything that has been done throughout the whole process. An organized workplace is an efficient, productive, and safe working environment.

Leading or leadership is a process, not a position. It has been defined as many ways: the process of influencing a group toward accomplishing their goals or establishing an intrapersonal relation in which others comply because they want to not because they have to. Leaders have distinctions that separate them above the rest. They innovate, motivate, dedicate, originate, develop, challenge it, ask what and why, and have long term vision. Leadership also has characteristics that can develop, adapt, improvise, overcome obstacles, build a team, and maintain consistent exceptional performance. Not everyone can be a leader. Some say there are natural born leaders. True leadership is a trait that can be learned but not over night. Some companies use floor leads to assist the managers in day to day operations. These leads stand out and are hand selected from the team by the managers. The leads already have an established rapport with the other employees. The employees will usually seek out the guidance from the leads as...

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