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Functions Of Communication Essay

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“Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader's success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively” (Thinkexist, 2011, Para 4). How many times have students walked into a classroom and the teacher starts off with something like this “Good morning class, today’s lecture will start on slide one and end with slide 75 with any questions.” Then to the student’s worst fear, the teacher reads every word on each slide and elaborates on each sentence. After slide number 10, the only thing all the students are thinking about is break, or maybe what they might wear on Friday night, regardless of what they might be thinking, ...view middle of the document...

Not all messages are meant to be received the same, so it imperative to identify the Levels of communication and the audiences impact to the communication channels success. When referring to the types of audiences, it is identifying an individual’s position within the organization based on their primary job. There are five types of audiences, starting with the most important type called the gatekeeper. This person is higher up in the organizations chain of command, and determines if the information he or she is receiving will be passed on. If the communication at this level is weak or inaccurate, it will be disregarded due to the lack of information or the accuracy of information. The next type is of audience is a primary audience, and is mandatory in all forms of communication by ensuring this group is the main target of the message. This is followed by the secondary audience target, and often targets individuals outside the organization for example lawyers’ might use the information at a later date. Next is the auxiliary audience, and many people refer this group to the Read-Only individuals who must know the policies but do not have to take action. The last type of audience is the watch dog audience, who is normally someone who has a political attachment to the organization, but does not have the power to control the flow of communication. In today’s competitive work force, it is imperative to the success of an organization to know the trends in the market. The key factor to predicting trends in the market are knowing the audience in demand of their products and market themselves by providing the maximum amount of information with the least amount of time, money, and resources in advertisement. Communication is the key to every aspect of the success or failure with market trends, so knowing the audience is not enough, they must also communicate their product and make their products sell.

The Criteria for Effective Communication

“Effective communication and feedback rely on variables such as the attitudes of the people giving and receiving the messages, and factors that affect the clarity of the communication” (Ehow , 2011, Para 1). Communication is shared by written communication via e-mail or formal letters, and in verbal communication, via...

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