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Functionalism Essay

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How effectively do the UK's main political parties fuffil their key roles and functions?

In the UK we currently have a two party system the Labour party and the Conservative party, each party has main roles that they need to perform in order to provide an active government system. These key roles come in five different forms known as the following;
* participation, this is where the parties allow members within the party as well as citizens to participate in the political process at all levels.
* the political recruitment process, parties play a vital role in giving the future leaders their apprenticeship. The candidate selection processes cast aside the ...view middle of the document...

The Labour fulfilled their role of facilitating political participation through the reform of voting systems and certain policies.
The Conservative Party have also displayed signs of democracy when the leader William Hague (1997-2001) recognized the need for greater membership involvement within the party. This was demonstrated through the change to not only the leadership election process, which was broadened to the members from the confines of the MP's in isolation, but also policy making process with the development of national policy forums, where the grassroots can propose policies to the leadership of the party. The Conservative party have effectively fulfilled their role of political participation within the party through the changing of the leadership election process, enabling party members the final say in the party leader, along with the opportunity to form policies.

Political Recruitment
The political recruitment process is another role that the party needs to perform. By doing this they must asses the qualities of those seeking election to public office, casting aside those who are considered unsuitable.
Those who wish to become a parliamentary candidate in the Labour party must first be on the...

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