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Function Of Management Essay

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Functions of Management Paper
Xong Moua
Management 330
May 23, 2011
Roger Engle

Functions of Management Paper
Management has been the fundamental aspect of any kind of organization. In order for an organization to run smoothly and accomplished its mission, goals, and objectives, managers must have creative problems solving skills. Whether the manager works for a grocery store, electronic store, or a clinic, the manager’s job has similar task. The basic functions of management have been broken down into four different areas. Each functions of management helps the managers and employees to stay focus on getting task done correctly. The four components are planning, organizing, ...view middle of the document...

When manager leads, he or her motivates, inspires the employees and guides them to achieve the organization goals. A manager who leads his or her employees will take his company to the next level (Bateman & Snell, 2009).
The final function is to control. In control is where the manager analysis the strategic plan to make sure the organizational objectives are implemented. As a manager, one need to monitor the employees’ performance and to monitor their effort in implemented the organization’s objectives to meet with the organizational goals. This function requires for the manager make sound judgment when concerning saving the company money. Even, if he or she has to let go employees who the company is not benefiting from. (Bateman & Snell, 2009).
For example, one works as a substance abuse counselor for an outpatient medicated assisted treatment. Few months back the company was losing money. The executive director steps in. An evaluation of the program was done. The finding for the company losing money was because the client was not being seen for what the state is allowed. The state permits for each client to been seen three hours per month and the clients were being seen for only one hour per month.
A strategic plan was designed. On the new plan, it required for client to been seen more than what has been implemented from the previous plan. The plan required for counselors to see their clients to the maximum possible. The new plan required for the client to be seen three times per month, one hour each-time. Where before clients were seen only for 30 minutes, twice a month.
In order for the clients to receive the services they, needed the frontline managers make...

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