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Function Of A Manager Essay

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Various factors outline ones ability to manage effectively and define their
individual style of management. These factors could be the manager's past work
experience and styles adapted from their prior managers and bosses, their
educational background, the number of employees they are managing, current
events, government restrictions, and their level or position within the
company. In different companies, the manager's functions differ, but some of the most common include coaching, delegation, leading, managing work, planning, and motivating. Motivation is clearly a way to enhance the performance of employees and boost the morale of the company. When morale decreases for any reason, ...view middle of the document...

One of the most common forms of motivation in the workplace are employee incentive programs. These programs can include incremental pay increases or bonuses based on the success of an individual employee, or from a group within the staff which is highly successful in their tasks. One study conducted indicated, that, "any incentive plan, regardless of its structure, is better than none at all. They also found that plotting results on a graph each day facilitated performance under incentive plans. " (Daniels)

From a personal level, my experience working in the hospitality industry for one of the largest corporations in the industry for the past few years has lead me to understand the importance of motivation and the overall importance of a manager being a positive and motivating individual. After working under several different managers who utilized very different managing and motivation styles and techniques, I've been able to see what proved effective in the long run. I've participated in various incentive programs, those which offered monetary rewards along with those which offered prizes such as movie tickets to gift certificates for restaurants and being deemed "Associate of the Quarter." I strongly agree with Scott Hay's article on Incentive Programs in the workplace, ."

depends on whether the rewards help support corporate goals, such as increased profit and customer loyalty, or if they merely engender unhealthy competitiveness and back-stabbing among employees." (Hays) In my experience, rewards profited those who had signed up the largest number of guests for the hotel's loyalty program or those who had received positive comment cards from guests or for the housekeepers who had completed the largest number of work orders from that day. The incentive program definitely allowed the hotel to use it's employees to increase customer loyalty while improving the visual condition of every room. Every employee was constantly "on their toes" making sure their work was up to and surpassed the normal standards in hopes of recognition from an otherwise impartial manager.

In order to fulfill Maslow's Need Theory, all employees require basic physical need of food and shelter. Then, they require safety and the social need to work and socialize with fellow employees and customers. The top two needs, company as described by Maslow, and perhaps the most important in keeping an above-minimum wage employee committed to their job and to the company, are self esteem and self-actualization. In order to enhance self esteem and self actualization for the employee, the manager needs to use motivation to appeal to the individual's needs.

"Unfortunately, motivating people is far from an exact science. There's no secret formula, no set calculation, no work sheet to fill out. In fact, motivation can be as individual as the employees who work for you. One employee may be motivated only by money. Another may appreciate personal recognition for a...

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