Function And Importance Of Communication In Management

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Need And Importance Of Communication In Management

Communication is as essential to business as blood is to the human body. It assumes added importance with growth of complexities of business operations and competition from outside world. ‘Without effective communication, organization cannot perform Well, management cannot discharge its functions smoothly and the whole business is reduced to a standstill. For business, communication matters a lot as is evident from the following points :-

1. Efficient working of the business

Communication is essential for successful and smooth running of an enterprise. It is through communication that healthy and ...view middle of the document...

AS a leader, the manager has to influence the behavior of his subordinates so that they willingly accept him as their leader. Unless the effective communication is there, he cannot influence and inspire them to create an environment of trust, understanding and co-operation through communication.

f) Controlling : Communication facilitates in controlling and channelizing of' various activities of the individuals, departments and segments of the organization.

4. Building Human Relation

Through effective communication the management can convey its expectations to workers and workers can put their suggestions and grievances before the management. Communication promotes co-operation and understanding among management and workers.

5. Job satisfaction and Enrichment

Bad communication results into illusions and misunderstanding among employees and executives. As a result their behavior becomes defensive and consequently leads to low morale, low job satisfaction and low productivity.

6. Maintaining relations with external parties

Effective communication is not only essential for uninterrupted working of any enterprise, but also for maintaining good relations with external parties such as customers, creditors, trade unions, research institutions etc.

Formal Communication

Formal communication means the exchange of information and ideas under the planned organizational structure. It means that information may be transmitted from superiors to subordinated through a definite channel.

Advantages of Formal Communication

1. Constant interaction between the management and its employee.

2. It is used to maintain discipline.

3. It serves as a permanent record.

4. It is accurate authentic.

Limitations/Disadvantages of Formal Communication

The formal communication has the following disadvantages limitations :

1. It does not reflect true feelings.

2. It lacks spontaneity.

3. It as distortion of Information.

4. It is time consuming.

Informal Communication

Informal Communication means transmission of information through non-official channels. In other words, when informal meetings and gatherings are organized within organization, certain types of informal messages are exchanged. For example, if there is a get together on the occasion of some party, informal gathering in the cafeteria during lunch, gathering on the occasion of community meals, exchange of informal ideas takes place, informal communication includes suggestions,...

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