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Fun In The Sun Essay

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It was a hot spring day at Myrtle Beach. The sun was scorching hot, setting my skin to tingling as if pins and needles were being injected into my skin. The pool sat waiting, the cool blue water promising a soothing balm to the heat. The plan for my vacation was to kick back, relax and soak up some rays. Unfortunately, my plan did not work out as well as expected.While preparing for my relaxing day, I reached into my luggage and grabbed my sunscreen. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the date on the lotion had expired. I grabbed my sunglasses and prepared for a day of fun in the sun. Looking back at the situation, the minute detail of checking an expiration date would have been the best ...view middle of the document...

What, what could it be? I then flipped the bottle upside down and realized the sunscreen had expired two years ago! What an idiot.What role does language and language diversity play in the critical thinking process?Language helps us make sense of our thoughts. It is a requirement to understand language and use it accurately in order for the cultivation of ideas. If an individual cannot communicate using language, then the ideas that one is trying to convey will be unsuccessful. In the majority of the world, English is not a first language. One must be aware that certain words do not have meaning in other languages. If a specific word can not be translated, one must think critically to find a way to communicate the ideas being shared.How does language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts?At times, individuals can be at a loss of words. Our thoughts can act to limit us or empower us. When thinking quickly, the ideas that one would like to express can become scrambled and incommunicable. Other times, we are able to use language to persuade individuals of the ideas that we are expressing and follow what we convey to them. When a person is at a...

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