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Fun Factory Press Release Essay

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No kidding: Just eat, play, party & splurge
First-of-its-kind play café for kids opens in Chandigarh
 First-of-its-kind place for kids and their parents opens in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, October 15. Something unique has come to Chandigarh. Stylish yet a family-friendly, hang out destination to eat drink and play: Fun Factory, a joint that will suit adults who just happen to have kids, too.

With its blend of dedicated play area and funky decor, Fun Factory in Sector 9 Madhya Marg of Chandigarh has lots to offer for your children– a place where they can eat, play, party and splurge.

Chandigarh resident Monica is the brainchild behind the indoor recreation family centre designed especially for children up to seven years. She had designed the play cafe with kids in mind and has prioritized safety and hygiene among many other factors.

Fun Factory has refurbished rooms brimming with toys, games, beanbags, play mats and ...view middle of the document...

For instance “Buntings and Balloons is a partying lounge where kids can let their hair down”.

“Second Cup Café - the refreshing cup of meal, is in every sense of the word ‘refreshing’,” says Monica.

What’s more, there is also a full service hair salon called Hello Kitty Salon. “From the cute to the naughty look, your child can try all kinds of styles here”. That’s not all.

“Giggles” is a play area where you’ll hear your child giggling right round, while “Little Hands” is the activity area where children can express themselves. “Not to forget, there is also a section where children can hone their coloring and drawing skills and read their favorite stories in our section called ‘Light Box. And then there is an exhibition area called ‘The Window’”

To parents' relief, there is no videogame. “The focus is on developing fine and gross motor skills, improving balance, coordination, attention, concentration, creativity and social skills,” says Monica.

Another intriguing spotlight of this place is Prankie - the prankster, Fun Factory’s Official Mascot. Prankie is a fun-studded spirit leader and goodwill ambassador of the arena, known for his naughty pranks. Prankie is tactically designed to further broadcast the utter soul of the place- Fun!

Also, the entire branding was done by a Delhi based Branding Agency, The Brand Bee. “I am really happy with the strategic absoluteness and creative ideas provided by the Brand Bee. Without their guidance, nothing of this standard would have got materialized,” says Monica.

Fun Factory has a great environment for toddlers and children to develop and learn new motor skills in a fun and exciting environment, while also allowing them to interact with other children. Research shows that active and exploratory play is a good way to encourage children to enjoy physical exercise.

The café has kids' favorites such as cappuccino, pastries, chocolates, sandwiches, mock tails, etc. The menu also has a lot of choice for the elderly.  Parents can come with kids and work in the lounge, while kids play. Thus, quality time for parents as well as kids.  So, come along and visit the beautiful Fun Factory in Sector 9 of Chandigarh.

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