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Fun At Work Essay

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Organizational Behavior

The American Heritage Dictionary defines fun as “a source of enjoyment, amusement or pleasure”. Imagine working for a company for more than 40 hours a week with a team of introverts. This may sound great to individuals who may have found refuge in isolation, but it comes at a cost for the company. Hodge-Cronin & Associates conducted survey of 737 CEO’s. The survey revealed that 98% of this group “preferred job candidates with a sense of humor to those without” (Rau-Foster, 2000).
Can fun really make that much of a difference? Can fun make a company rank #1 for best company to work for? Dr. David Abramis has been researching and studying the ...view middle of the document...

In 2013, they have grown to over 34,000 employees. Their growth from 2006 to 2013 has not been affected by the recession (CNN Money, 2013).
If the numbers are not enough to convince you that having fun in the workplace can grow a company, let’s take a look at how fun can benefit the company. Turnovers are battles that most companies struggle with. IPSOS, a firm that conducts research and surveys, contacted 1000 workers. These workers were asked to rate their managers sense of humor. Those who stated that their managers sense of humor was above average stated that “there was a 90 percent chance they’d stay at the job for more than a year” (Bathurst, 2008).
Many companies have found that encouraging innovation, creativity and empowering their employees makes a difference in the workplace. This also changes the way their employees approach their work. Another way fun at work can benefit the company is by removing stress. Fun makes stressful situations less difficult to deal with. Stress at work can interfere with employee’s productivity, self-control and self-confidence. Removing stress not only benefits the company, it benefits the employees as well. Profitability is the goal for any company and fun at work contributes to this. Fun changes the atmosphere of the company, which can jump start productivity, which increases profitability. According to “Hal Rosenbluth, CEO of Rosenbluth International, the nation’s fourth largest travel-services company with $2 billion in revenue; he considers it ‘almost inhumane if a company creates a climate where people can’t naturally have fun. Our role and responsibility as leaders and associates is to create a place where people can enjoy themselves. I know our company is doing well when I walk around and hear people laughing. The enjoyment translates into performance” (Thompson, 2008).
Personal Thoughts
I believe that fun in the work place is a vital part of any business. Employees are not only doing their normal work, but other duties assigned by management at no extra pay. Many of the employees that work for these companies are stressed and their motivation and creativity is no longer in existence. This type of management is killing...

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